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Raspberry Basil pulled pork sammies...

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I was at a local balloon and wine festival yesterday and came across a specialty vinegar booth. They had several unique blends, however the raspberry basil caught my eye...so I stopped at midnight on the way home and got a tiny butt..I will post some Q-VUE later and let ya all know how it comes out...
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That sounds pretty good. Lookin forward to the q-view.
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I love playing with vinegar bbq-sounds great-
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BBQG - you always have me watching for threads you post 'cause the ingredients you put in your smokes always are original, and tasty-soundin'!

Definitely looking forward to the results on this one! biggrin.gif
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Looking forward to the progress on this one sounds great
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i cannot wait!!!
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I think I am in love!

i haven't really talked to you much but your idea of a raspberry/basil pulled pork sounds very tasty!
I look forward to hearing the results!!!

I am not a person confined to tradition. Although I love traditional food I also love to see someone going different directions with food. Thanks for being original!!!
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Tease!!! wink.gif
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First Q-Vues!!
Smells yummy so far!!!!

butt gettin' happy ~ raspberry preserves...then a nice rub.. details later...

a couple hours in.....

My smoker she is not behaving fighting temps all day......ARGH!!
I put some tators in too....
More later!!

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Looks as if you've got it going on BBQG!
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Fight back at that smoker BBQG! Show her who's queen of the Q! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

The pics are making me drool, along with the rest of the gang that's closely monitoring this post for more qvue!!!

Keep up the awesome work on that loin! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Here we go at moppin' time

ok I pulled the tators out...cuz frankly I was getting a little paranoid about them being done...(I am Irish) my people know tators...I had tossed them with some mayo...so I will finish them in the oven..I will be brave another day...HOWEVER!! My Island will be proud of me tonight cuz I did taste them and holy cow St. Patrick they are yummy!! It muct have sometin' to do with the Irish cheese in em"

More coming.....
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sounds good. is the rasberry sauce the stuff they sell at sam's? That is pretty good stuff but pricey..

can'nt get enough rasberry.
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loooking good BBQG !!! i love raspberry flavors infused in just about any meat or fish for that matter
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that looks good, sheesh i can only imagine what it gonna taste like!!!
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actually no~ however...I have used the raspberry vinegarette from Sams and love it for salads..and chicken.
This had basil infused...it tasted really yummy straight...
What I did instead of using mustard as a base to hold my rub, I used some raspberry preserves with a dash of the vinegar melted together in a small sauce pan melted together to a sticky mess, then rubbed that on my butt then the rub...She is not quite done yet..if she is fabulous I will give ya the rub..if not I will forever hole my peace!! Lots of peeps here to judge!!
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I am betting quite at the supper table good..rasberry is wonderful stuff..I blend berrys with choclate ice cream to make a shake. and use it in dishes at the shack..But shall incorperate it into smoking when ever I get some time off.
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Holy Cow Butt man!

Everyone here claims that this is my best butt yet...

I love raspberry ...it goes well with anything.. I love basil...omg basil goes with everything...
here we go a pix of a sammie and the tators...yikes sorry about the hooka box in the background! I just saw it!


The raspberry vine and basil is an amazing compliment omg!! My peeps are dying here..if you want the web site for the vinegar send me a pm I will give it to you
This is what i did
dk brown sugar 1 cup
1/2 cup koshar salt
dried basil leaves 1/2 to 1 cup
2/3 tbl pepper
1 tbl cayenne pepper
1 tbl allspice

1/4 cup raspberry preserves
1/8 cup raspberry basil vinegar melt together over med heat until all mixed
then rub on butt, then putt on dry rubb...

take one cup raspberry basil vinegar add 1 tbls red pepper let sit, serve with sammies

Yes as I am writing this they are saying GOOD JOB yeah!!
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif , that looks mighty fine!! Wish I could get a taste. That rasberry sounds terrific!
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looks awesome. You had me a little worried at first. When you mentioned spending the whole day at the"balloon and wine festival", and on the way home at midnight, stopping to get " a little butt"............well my imagination just took over.
Glad to see you stayed on track(unlike myself) and performed some wonderful magic with that new vinegar and said little butt.

I would say that you do like( make that .love) basil according to your recipe! Thats alot of basil.

As much pork that gets smoked around here, I am gonna hafta try that recipe on at least one of the butts in the future.
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