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Papaya Juice

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I heard that papaya was a natural tenderizer so I tried it out this weekend. Took a 4 lb picnic, injected and marinated it with all natural. no sugar added papaya juice and rub overnight. 4 hrs on the GOSM, injected some more, wrapped in foil and into the oven at 235 for 4 hrs. Came out nice and smelled kinda like ham. Also made ABT's with diced homemade Hunky sausage, a fattie with diced onions and peppers sauteed in bacon and two chickens. The beans on this site and some home-made slaw rounded it out.

Anyway, anybody ever use papaya juice?
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Great smoke, where's the Q View? Most fruits will compliment pork in one form or another.
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no pics on this one but I have others that I post soon. (er or later)
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I have never used papaya, but i do use pineapple juice. both have papyican? in them. Alton brown claims that marinating with either is worthless but you get good benefits from injecting it. he said you have to get papaya and pineapple juice hot to get the benefits from it.
And i beleive injecting it helps.
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Many years ago when I had my restaurant I had a supplier tell me that xyz restaurant had a tub or tank they would soak their steaks in that had Papaya in it. They would buy crappy quality meat and soak them to tenderize them.

Everytime I ate there I would get the runs. It was almost like they were pre digested. Looking back, yuk. Needless to say, I didn't eat there very often.icon_smile.gif
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