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gosm knockoff?

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gosm might be out of business but check out todays sears ad..item# 15884 vertical smoker $139.99....looks identical to my gosm at comparable price. oh, and by te way--father's day is next weekend-----drop hints!!cool.gif
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just bumpin it up
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many smokers sound good, but unless they have a track record, I would not comment until i actually saw one on the flloor. This could be a new smoker ready to be tried and tested.
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Sales 101 Lesson "It's just as good as a ............."
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First post here guys, found this site while searching for info on propane smokers.

I just wanted to say I bought this smoker last week and while I don't know much about the GOSM I can say that the Kenmore is a pretty nice unit for the price. I paid $127 for mine at Sears. I got it home and put it all together and then the next day I seasoned it. After seasoning I wanted to see how good it would maintain temp so I set it as if I was going to cook. I must say that it held temps decently. I had read a review somewhere that if you turn the knob towards the "low" setting unti you hear it start to whine like a jet engine and then turn just a little more until it stops that would be the optimal setting for smoking. Low and behold it sure was ... the smoker held right at 230-240* for 2 hours. Since I wasn't actually cooking anything I didn't want to waste a whole bunch of propane so I shut it down but I'm sure it would have held 230-240* the whole time.

Overall I'd say I'm satisfied with the cooker, this is my first propane unit and for ease of setup and use I'd give it an A+. The only drawback is space or lack of space, it has 4 cooking grates on the inside but unfortunately the actual unit is not wide enough to fit a full rack of ribs laying flat. This of course can be worked around by using rib racks and bending the ribs into U shapes.

Hope this helps with anyone's decision on making a purchase, I know father's day is coming up and who couldn't use a new smoker?
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I just bought a upright smoker last week and I was thinking of making a vertical rib rack / basket out of hog wire so I can hang full racks of ribs from the hooks on the lid.
Have any of you done anything like this ? If so idea's would be helpful.
Thank you.
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Glad to know you're a happy man with a smokin' plan...
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Looks and smells like the GOSM to me

Well, I poked around a little and found the Sears smoker on the Brinkman site. The manual is here: Kenmore Smoker Manual Definitely made by the same Chinese folks who made my Wally World GOSM.

I was interested in maybe mod'ing my GOSM with the Kenmore model's smoke stack, but it appears it isn't adjustable.
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I don't know bout puttin the kenmore one on there, but, ifin ya wan't a stack, just get a 6 inch plenum fittin, a piece a 6 inch pipe, a rain cap an a damper, screws right down over the GOSM vent on the top. Looks sumtin like this:

An here's the basic parts laid out fer ya:

An while were at the modin thin, another good un ta do is the probe port, consists of eiter a 1/2 inch er 3/4 inch watertight fittin ya can get in the electrical department.

Looks sumtin like this when it's all done:

Hope yall get some idears.
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Travco... thanks bunches! I have more stuff on my mod list now... really like the stack - that's exactly the kind of advice on that I've been looking for :)
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Here is a link ta the original thread on the stack mod an the watertight fittin.

Give yall a bit more info on how I did it.
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Missed this extra link the other day - thanks! cool.gif
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