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My First Ribeye Steak Wth Qview

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This may sound dumb but here goes. Had a bone in ribeye in the freezer It was only about 3/4 inch but I thought what the ? I seasoned it with garlic powder and lemon pepper and an oil blend. I tried to add some marinade but it wouldn't stick due to the oil. I should have marinated it first, lesson learned. This is after smoking after about 30 minutes and a temp of 135"

Then I put into the smoker at 140' so as to just add smoke and not really cook.

I took it off at 135' and put it on the Weber for 3 minutes on each side to sear it. Nice and juicy.

Here is the finished product.

Look at the juice, and it had a great smoke flavor. Wife likes medium, actually, it was medium rare and she didn't complain.icon_surprised.gif

It was great!!
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Great steak Ron! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif. Looks perfect.
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Thanks Dave, I'm about to eat my half now, we usually split things and eat at different times. It was great, had a subtle smoke flavor and was juicy. Just miked it for about 1 minute and it was perfect.
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Great looking steak!
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Yours is the first thread I looked at the morning, and now I'm hungry for a steak,great job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Steak and eggs... what a breakfast
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Looks real good. Think I'll try that.

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I like to add a little smoke to my grilled steaks too. However, I do it on my charcoal grill...not the smoker.

I set my charcoal grill up with hot coals on one side and no coals on the other. I'll put the steak on the grill, but not over the coals. After a few minutes, I'll grill it over the coals. Yum!
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Great lookin' steak. What kind of wood did you use?
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Looks great nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif cept now I want a steak biggrin.gif
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great lookin steak!!! like goat said-leftovers for breakfast with eggs and hashbrowns!!! great job!!
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I had Mesquite and hckory just a little of each.

As far as leftovers, only thing left was the bone.icon_surprised.gif
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Nice SmoGrill... looks yummy..
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What are leftovers?
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Not with a steak like that.
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sounds and looks like all the work paid off..
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