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that looks absolutely amazing
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How did you cut that loin? Did you do a spiral cut all the way around the loin or did you do straight cuts and "unfold" it into that wonderful flat stuffable loin?
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Dave it looks fantastic! Love the stuffing combo.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hi Baz...I kinda roll cut it. Bring the knife an inch or so off the board and unroll the loin as you cut into it. I wasn't very practiced, so lots of hills and valleys. I covered it in plastic wrap and used a mallet to flatten it out a little better. I was trying for 3/4" thick.
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Cool... I've seen that done, but have always been scared to do it. Only stuffed loins I've done have basically been butterflied and stuffed before tying it up. But I love the way you did it.... it obviously allows about 10x as much stuffing to go in it!!! I'll definitely be doing one of these the next time loins are on sale. Thanks for the great post/info/q-view!!!!
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Wow dave. Looks really good and like you could have fed an army with that...PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif

If you have any leftovers that you are willing to part with, remember I am just a short distance awaybiggrin.gif
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wow shure is purty!!!! if it tastes as good as it look oooo my my!!! great job, i bet we see more in next cuple weeks.
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Dave, I almost lost control going thru your post! I stayed patient and went from the first page to the last instead of jumping to the end to see the results. Glad I did! Great post, Great Q-View!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif POINTS!!
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LOL..Seboke, thanks guys PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif.

Second meal down the hatch and it was just as good as the first icon_smile.gif. Got to bring some of it to work and feed the crew.
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Now that is terriffic.
Have a Question though.

Did you Butterfly that thing down the middle, LEAVING it intact and THEN pound it out?

I guess the question is, HOW did you get the "tootsie roll" into a rectangle?

I understand Butterfly and Pounding. (NO!)

How did you get that shape out of the meat chunk I picture?

Insight Welcomed.
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Hi V...I started cutting the loin lengthwise about an inch up from the cutting board, cut into it some and roll it a little, cut some more and roll again, continue until it is somewhat flattened out. Then I had a very lumpy rectangular piece of pork. Covered it with plastic wrap and pounded the lumps flatter. When pounding it out, pull the mallet in the direction you want to help maintain the shape.

Hope this helps, now wishing I had snapped a few pics while cutting it icon_smile.gif .
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Dave that came out amazing what a great idea and results thanks for sharing PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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