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A Real Beginner

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Finally went and did it, got a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. Now comes the fun! This will be our first experience with smoking and we are excited. Found these forums and really liked what we saw, so here we are. Sure glad we found them.

Currently in the process of seasoning for the first time with hickory chips.

Read in some of the other posts that it would be a good idea to season the smoker more than once.

Any suggestions how many times and how long of a cool down between seasonings?
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Welcome to SMF. Glad your here try taking Jeff's 5 Day Ecourse its full of lots of good info and its free. I only seasoned my smoker once and it seems to be doing just fine. You'll find lots of great info here and people willing to help when you get stuck
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Really glad to be here. I have already signed up for th 5 day course, looking forward to my first part.

Thanks for the reply.
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Welcome to the SMF Family, Laudon. Glad you've joined us and you'll be addicted to this hobby in zero time flat!

I seasoned my little ecb 1x and it was fine after that. Just my experience with seasoning smokers ...
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Don't forget to look at all the How to's Jeff has created for us right in on the forum lots of good stuff there as well as in the threads.

What ya gonna do for your first smoke???????
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Roll Call

Welcome to the Forums. I am a beginner also and can suggest you smoke a "Fattie" for something that is hard to mess up. Choose either sausage or hamburger and go for it. Don't forget to let it rest in a cooler for an hour before cutting up. Fatties rule. PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif

Remember: vegetarian is old tribal slang for the tribal idot that can't hunt?
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Welcome to the SMF. Like the others I also only seasoned my beast once. I would only season it again if you havnt used it for a long period of time. Like if you didnt smoke all winter might be a good idea to get her good and hot to burn off any critters that might have moved in.
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Welcome Laudon, glad you joined us. You'll be glad too, as the knowledge you will find in here will have you cranking out awesome Q in no time!
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Welcome to SMF,I have a Masterbuilt and I only seasoned mine once,and everything tasted fine.
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clean it up with soap and water to get rid of manufacturing solvents oils etc.... and run some wood thru her for at least a few hrs at 250 and then turn up for about an hr. shud be good to go then. jjust did mine today also. there are numourous threads on subject. wellcome to the forum and share some smokes from that new masterbuilt with some qview!!!
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Nice to have ya!

No question is dumb in this place. Happy smokin.
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you found us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Glad to have you as part of the SMF. There is where friendly people share good times, smokes, and Q too!
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Welcome aboard....................Glad to have you here..............
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you'll know what your doing in no And think of it this way, you can buy alot of food to smoke for the price of gas.icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
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Welcome! Another MES Smoker among us. Good luck!
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