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Question about GOSM ticking

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Question for ya,
My GOSM is ticking...not ticking like the starter ticking...
Is it just the metal expansion/contraction thing?

It's pretty new, only second smoke after the seasoning.
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I have only had my GOSM for about 2 weeks and I heard the same ticks. Seems to have stopped after the 5th or 6th smoke.
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Cool...glad to know I'm not the only one and that it's not going to blow up!! wink.gif
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Sounds like metal expansion and contraction like you said.
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Mine still gives a pop er a ping from time ta time, it's just the metal expandin er contractin with the temps, nothim much ta worry bout, lessen course yall see a huge fireball with it!
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LOL...I hope I'd be calling 911 not logging onto the blog!! icon_lol.gif
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Mine gave a big pop during seasoning and the 1st smoke. We'll see if it happens again this weekend. It's a beauty, though.
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My big block does it all the time. Especially right after i close the door. Just metal reacting to heat temp changes. I think a heavier gauge metal cabinet wouldn't do that...
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i had a couple loud bangs and pops yesterday during my smoke. most of the time it was right after i opended and closed the door like richoso said. had a real loud one when i was bent down changing out the chip box...kinda scared me at first PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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