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Big Block gone for good?

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I've been looking for a Big Block online- does anyone know if they're still available anywhere?
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The company went bankrupt and it's hard to say if they will be producing more...but I did find one last Sunday at Bass Pro Shops. I called them many times and was told they were all gone, but I went there and they found one in the warehouse. Also had a display model. I think shopping around is the only way you might still find one, you might try the smaller sportsman type stores or smaller hardware stores that are lesser known.
Sorry...doesn't help much...
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Last time I looked a few weeks ago the Walmart in Howell, Michigan had a couple. Don't know where your located so it might not matter.
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Yep- I followed your earlier post- Lucky dog-
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Amazon has them still. Get um while you can.

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My wife just pick one up yesterday at Basspro in Cincinnati as an early fathers day present. I'm out of town but when I talked with her on the phone last night she asked me if I planned to smoke a whole cow. She thought it was pretty big based on the ECB I've been using.

Anyway, my point is they are still a few to be had if you get out and look. Unless someone else starts making them this could be the last hurrah.
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As far as Bass Pro goes you always need to go there and see for yourself.
I went there to get a Masterbuilt and they said they were out and they would have 5 more in stock the following week.
I called the next week and they said they would have them in the next day.Well I went there anyway after I got off the phone and they had some but only 2 left from that shipment.Luckily I got one of them and there was another guy looking at the last one they had.
Of course I only live about 70 miles from there so I could go and check when ever I want to.
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I found the same thing...I would call and they said they didn't have any and wouldn't get any more, but when I went there they had one...not sure if the phone people aren't really checking or what...

ONLY 70 miles Craig????????? eek.gif That's a lot of miles!
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I have seen a smoker called Smokey Hollow at Gander Mountain that is a basic knock off of GOSM smoker. Prices are within reach and they had like 4 different styles to choose from. They had Big Block style wasn't set up yet but looking at the others other then the name theres no different. So if ya have GM in your area check them out.
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We were at the GM today, they had a Bradley, a Big Chief, and a -small- smoke hollow, I'm interested to see the bigger version! Are they made in USA?
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The GM I went to a couple days ago had a 24" wide 4 rack model called the Smoke Vault that looked very nice it was on sale for $249 not for sure where it is made tho

And had space for a 5th rack
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I picked up mine from that Cincinnati store as well back in April. They told me they were expecting a shipment of 313 units so I would say there is a good chance they still have some. I am sad to hear GOSM is out of business. My Big Block has proven to be one awesome smoker.
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My buddy just bought two of 'em at Home Depot Online.

I guess this means replacement parts are now unavailable?
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smoke hollow and gosm are made bby the same company
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As popular as the GOSM is, I would not be surprised ta see the line bought up by antoher company. It was poor management, not a poor product that got the manufacturer inta financial trouble. Get one if ya wan't one now, but I think in the near future it will be back inta production. Just my two coppers worth.
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I picked up a big block a couple weeks ago at Bass Pro in Kansas City. Called first and they said they had one, so I asked them to put my name on and the next day I took vacation time from work and drove the 70 miles over to pick it up. Well worth the trip I might add...
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I just picked up a big block at bass pro...
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Got my Big Block online at BassPro last week.
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Got mine about a week ago from Bass Pro Shops online store as well...
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