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Fish Smell???

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I have never smoked fish in my smoker only beef and pork . My question is will it leave any smell or fish flavor in my smoker???icon_question.gif
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I did my first salmon last night and there was no fish smell at all this morning when I put the brisket on. Just the smell of the wood smoke.
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Good question

I was wondering the same thing, a lot of people at work tell me that I should never do fish in the same smoker that I use for meat
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ihave done fish and other meats in same smokers and have never had anykind of fish odors. use common sense and clean up behind yourself a bit. i always like to take care of smoker after removing meats, seems to clean up better while still warm. once cooled have a more difficult time removing deposits, mt out water pan and clean and rinse drip pan out. now all set to go for next time as well.
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No fish smell at all after my first salmon last week
post #6 of 9 shouldn't smell fishy. Unless you're smoking a can of tuna...
Fresh fish is clean smelling, I wouldn't eat any fish that has a strong fish or bleach smell. It generally means it's old and time to be tossed.
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Just wanted to let you know that you will have no problem with smell whatsoever. I have smoked my fare share of salmon and have never had a problem with smells. Good luck and enjoy the eskimo candy you are about to make
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Do salmon all the time, no leftover smell. Enjoy your fish icon_smile.gif.
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This year I have smoked over 30 lbs. of salmon, and as of yet there is no after smell.
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