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my first fatty

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I can't wait to try this, kept it quite simple seeing as this is a first for me.

1LB Pork Sausage
Mozzerella and Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Portabella Mushrooms
Caramelised Onions
Green peppers
Sprinkle of fresh sage and oregano

I'll update with the finished article when I get to 160F? Should I set the smoker to 225F or something else? I have a propane smoker so temp control seems very good.

Also should I use the water bowl, if so just fill it with water or something fancy? <---edit: I added a little water, balsamic and red wine to the bowl, no idea what it will do....

Finished article, I thought I'd messed it up as I smoked it in a foil bowl all the way through and then took it off at the end to colour it. It tastes amazing but I've just put another one on without herbs and no foil, I may foil it towards the end of the smoke to see how that changes things. It's honestly mouth wateringly good, I think I could eat the whole thing but I have to save some for my girlfriend who will be home shortly. Another 6 pack of Full Sail Amber and my second fatty should be done :)

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Nice lookin fattie!! You will find its hard to wait til she kools some and you'll be slicing her!! and a minute later she's gone!!
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I'm guessing I don't need the water bowl, just fired up the smoker so is 225F a good temp to hold at?
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first Fatty

PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif You look like you are on to something. Let us know how it tastes and what if anything you would change. What are you going to try next? I am going to saute some onions, chopped cabbage, and jalepeno's then stuff a fatty with that and a lot of cheese. Do you think I should put some Cajun seasoning inside also? PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif SEMPER FI!
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When I do a fatty I have my 225 degrees.Don't forget the Q-view when it gets done,we like pictures.biggrin.gif
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yeah will post pics when done.

I'm on a number of forums for various interests and I have to say I've never experienced anything like this, I've gone from thinking about smoking a chicken to having a butt pork prepped and now doing my first fatty. The help so far has been outstanding, really appreciated!
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great lookin fattie!!!! u will be addicted for surem grerat job!!!
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ooooweee..and I am sure it will not be yer last..good job...
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updated with new pics, it's superb so I've put another one on with a slight change to the mix.
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Two fatties in one day ....... way to go. First one looked great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Welcome to your new obsession biggrin.gif
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Great fatty. bet it was awesome tasting
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