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Ebay in Indiana--LANG

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It's interesting that in the first part of the body of the ad, there's a big picture of a brand new smoker, shiny and new and the guy even says it's new... This unit is like new and needs a new home.But as you scroll down...

there's another smaller pic of a rusted out smoker that is definitely NOT new!!

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It's an 84, not a 60

look close, it is an 84,not a 60. He apparently bought a catering business, maybe a going out of bus deal, and tried to post a new pic from Ben's website. He got the wrong one which means its worth more! Of course, needs to be blasted and painted:-)

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Checked the smoker out and he has a disclaimer on the pretty picture vs the rusted one (copied from ebay):

On Jun-04-08 at 19:09:00 PDT, seller added the following information:

The one picture that has the new price beside it. That is what the unit looked like when it was NEW!!!!!!
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Its not the same smoker in the new pic for sure, but I don't think its a 84. I may be wrong. It does have a slide out shelf like the 84 does, and 2 therms on the main chamber. But it seems too small to be a 84, looks alot like my 60 with less baffles/handles. The firebox is the toughest part to keep paint on.I would think that 1800 is a fair price for it.
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I know what you mean,

I know what you mean, but it has doors both sides, notice his gallery, the chimney is taller and bigger than a 60 too?

It does not look to be not as long as an 84 though? Maybe its a clone combo with a 30 inch diameter but same length as a 60? My gut tells me it's an 84, but not positive:-)


PS has 3 hinges instead of 2 on the cooker doors too?
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I didn't look at the gallery. Doors both sides would lead me to agree with you on the 84! Must be deceptive in the pic.
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Winning bid is 1925$!!
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Did you buy it?

Did you buy it?
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