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If the wife likes it that way, you've got one more reason to fire up the smoker.

To each their own. From time to time, I like to mix it up a bit myself. Unlike some folks, I never say my way is the right way. I like em all. Sure, I have my preference, but it's all good.

I often say BBQ comes 2 ways:
1.Good &
2.Real Good.
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I aimed to get the ribs on at no later than 11am.....I got them on at 1pm...the outside temp was 94 degrees at this point. The smoker held steady at 230 degrees with no problems, I am assuming because of the heat outside. By 4pm the outside temp is 98 degrees and it feels like you can not breathe, I start to get a little sick to my stomach from the heat and go inside for a bit with the a/c. I end up getting sick, but am totally set on finishing these bad boys on the grill and not the oven. They came off around 5:30ish and served them up to the family. Sorry to say my wife left our camera at a wedding shower on Saturday so no qview that I promised, which I found this out at say oh, 2:30 when I went digging through the closet looking for it like a mad man. No worries, these were not my best work, I at least wanted to tell you all about the battle with the heat. That was the first and maybe last time I smoke with that kind of heat outside.

Does anyone have any good stories about smoking in this kind of heat and how they managed to do so?
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The heat will get you no doubt! I have been able to cut grass when it's that hot down here (only after a number of years of not wanting to do anything in the summer). On my front porch yesterday it was 98....
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Smokin jack did you measure your sutff you added to the sweet baby rays or did ya just pour and taste? Sweet baby rays is my familys favorite, I still like the homemade better but by modifying theres we could compermise I guess...
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Goobledot I did measure.....I did the bottle of baby ray's (28oz.) One cup ketchup...half cup mustard.....1/4 honey....1/2 cup brown sugar....tblsp. molasses (which I did not like one bit)....3 tbls onion powder....5 tbls garlic powder...cbp and about a good half dozen shakes of worcestershire sauce....I simmered for one hour and let it sit in fridge over night. I added it to the smoke about two hours in and let it gradually heat up on the grill....I sauced the ribs about a half hour before I pulled them and it made a nice glaze on them.

I am bummed I did not get pics for you all, but like I said, I have done better, but it would have been nice to post some. I do have to say though that I did not like the molasses. I have seen it in a lot of sauce recipes and to me it was way too much and I doubt I will ever use it again.
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Thanks, I am going to try it next time. Did I understand you to say you put it in the smoker for a while before you put it on the ribs?
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Yes, first I simmer the night before for one hour or until it is nice and thick. I then let it set up in the fridge overnight. I will take it out of the fridge when I start to smoke and about anywhere between an hour or two into the smoke I will put it on the grill with the ribs. I have a char broil silver smoker so I put the sauce pan in the back left corner right where the heat source comes in off the firebox. This way the sauce heats slowly while the ribs cook and you get an added smoky flavor to the sauce from the smoke itself. Try it, it is very good.
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