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Smoke em if ya got em!

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Last night I was smoking bacon wrapped tri-tip medallions & bacon wrapped shrimp. The smoker looked kinda empty so I threw in a package of hot dogs, pre-cooked Schwans sausage patties & an aluminum foil "boat" of regular salted shelled peanuts & triscuits/wheat thins. I have smoked hot dogs before & I & the kids really liked them, the sausage was ok, the crackers pretty good, but the peanuts were Outstanding! What else am I missing that is in my house, pantry or the corner store that becomes much better by smoking? I have heard of pizza, corn dogs, burritos, & a few other things, just wondering if I am missing something.
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Pickled eggs?
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Spam is good!
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smoked peanuts are good. what kind of wood were you using?
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JB, it was Hickory. I only had them in the MES for about 30 minutes. Went to the store today & got some more & Almonds also.
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