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Grilled asparagus,I liked it.

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I love asparagus on the grill….normally EVOO, salt, pepper and garlic…simple and good. I changed it up today. In a Ziploc bag I mixed ¾ cups mayo with one packet good season’s herb and garlic dry salad dressing. Mushed around until mixed then added a trimmed bunch of asparagus mushed around to coat and then grilled. Not half bad.
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That sounds great! I'm going to try that!

Another way to try it...
Take a piece of procuitto, smear a little cream cheese on it, roll it around the asparagus and grill or smoke until done to your taste. I prefer it a little crispy.
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No pic's.....never happened! wink.gif

Does sound good though!
Have had a craving for some grilled Asparagus!
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Did too Bubba..I knew someone was gonna say that....Just a last min. thing and my digi. is dead...Go ahead...a good joke there.
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I love grilled asparagus. My favorite way to do is is with soy sauce and toasted sesame oil, try it next you wont believe how good it is
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I LOVE sesame oil!!! Going to try that one too! Maybe a plethora of asparagus 10 ways! biggrin.gif
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Oh yeah that's good eats. Pretty much do the same. Salt, pepper, garlic, and chili powder or onion powder. Zuchini and squash are pretty good to.
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I do the EVOO, salt, pepper, and garlic too. Didn't think it could get much better than that, but I'll have to try these other options. Thanks for the info.

Mike C.
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i also love asparugus,grilled,steamed, is my springtime favorite....ive done like golfnotwork, but there a couple othe options look like need to be scrutinized. thks for the ideas and for those that are sure to come!!!
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Just a little tip for anyone interested. Olive oil works better than extra-virgin olive oil when cooking at high heat.

EVOO tastes good because it is from the first pressing of the oilves and has little bits of olives and other stuff besides just the oil. When cooked at a high heat these particles burn and become bitter. Regular oilve oil does not do this and is the better choice for high heat cooking.

This does not apply to low heat cooking or raw, for this EVOO is the way to go.
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did it come out crispy?
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I know it has been done before but I figured I'd do a search and see if a post has been made. Yup!

Anyway, I did some last night for the first time using Olive oil, crushed black pepper and some crushed sea salt.....I really like asparagus and we usually steam it. After having done it on the grill, I am was excellent and that's the only way I will eat it again.

There wasn't any comparison to the steam. We did have the batch on the grill and the other half steamed as ususal. Put a little butter on too and that was the ticket.

Sorry no qview but it did happen, biggrin.gif I'll do some pics next time for proof.

P.S. it does come out with a crsip to it which made it even better.
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You, sir are correct. Thanks for bringing this up! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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CinnamonKC, I tried your tip tonite-
Oh My GOSH that was incredible! Thanks for an awesome tip!
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