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Avatar Help!

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Okay, I may be a little slow with the computer. I've been trying to put a profile picture up (avatar I guess it's call) and have not been successful for the last two weeks. I have tried putting an image from my computer on by going to the edit avatar on my profile without any luck. I have also put the same picture on photobucket and resized it thinking the image was too big and then transferring to the forum. I resized to 100 x 75 and tried. NO LUCK! I keep getting an INVALID FILE message! I have been searching the threads on how to do it and have been following the instructions. Still not getting anywhere. Maybe someone could help me out PLEASE!
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An invalid file error sounds like you aren't putting the right code in the box. Using photobucket, copy the direct link code (2nd code down).
If your pic is too big I think you get a different error, something like "file is too large".
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Try this and see it it works for you.

What file type are you uploading? Can you post it here?
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