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A "New Guy" has questions..

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I ran across this site in my search for the best way for a beginner to get stated. I've smoked ribs, etc. on my gas grill with indirect heat/chips but want to get more serious about it. My question is should I start with an electric smoker or go with a charcoal/wood chip model? Is the taste that much different? I don't mind "tending" to the fire but would rather start the thing and let it do it's thing! lol. I've looked at both and just can't decide. I like the Brinkman square standup charcoal model but also like the round electric model. The Smokey electric is also one I've looked at. Decisions, decisions.......Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
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Welcome to the SMF Familyicon_exclaim.gif

You have found the best smokin site on the net.

The best type of smoker is what you prefer.

There are many different variables when it comes to smokers.

I like to tend to the fire (the primal nature of man).

Look around & you will find that every smoker has +'s & -"S IT WILL BE YOUR CHOICE.


OOps somewhare along the line I bumped the caps lock sorry.
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Welcome to SMF! You've come to the right place. Lots of friendly folk who are glad to help.

I haven't really been at it that long but will offer my opinion. I like tending a fire too -- or at least I thought I did. I started with a charcoal smoker and converted it to propane. My smoker isn't all that efficient so firing it with charcoal was pretty challenging. Some of the smaller models are easier to fire with charcoal from what I have heard. Plus, where I live, finding quality lump charcoal is next to impossible.

I think the best advice I can give you is to read, read and read some more around the forum. Go to each section and check out the stickys. Lots of good info there.

Have fun.

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I agree with John, and I think there is a taste difference. Some would argue otherwise. The impotant thing is.................the taste you are looking for. The wood/coal smokers are alot more work than the electrics, and about twice as much as the propane. Its all relative to what you are used to. Before long, it will become second nature.

Glad you found the site. Reguardless of your pick, have fun, and let us see the results!
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You'll find devotees of all types and styles here. You will have to go with what suits your personality and style (and budget) as well as what you plan on doing with it.. Personally, I wouldn't even think about doing my sausage, jerky, and cured products on anything but my homebuilt electric refer conversion. It provides the kind of consistency I require for that kind of smoking. However, for ribs, brisket, etc, I like what charcoal does. Just doesn't seem right otherwise, so been toiling with an ECB (recently modded).
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Welcome, and read, read, there is as much information as you can absorb.

I just got this 3 weeks ago and I love it.

It also serves as a holding oven which I love. Smoke, wrap, set temp and forget.

Good luck on your choice.
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Welcome to SMF. Like has been said different people like different type smokers I use a gas and like it others don't. Whatever you get don't worry about it once you become hooked you'll be buying more biggrin.gif
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Yeah, what he said.
I love the charcoal/wood taste ... and if I have the time, the challange of it. But also on the other hand, I have an electric gourmet that I take camping ... Set it, and forget it for a couple of hours ... while I fish or hike or whatever.
Like PW said, don't worry ... you'll own more than one before too much longer.
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i like my smoke hollow ......propain
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Welcome to SMF.
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Welcome to the SMF. Take your time in deciding... remeber that must of us have added/upgraded to another smoker at some point in our search for smokin' bliss!
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I have a insulated smoke hollow electric, and Ill tell you it does a wonderfull job. And I also have a wood/coal burner that does a wonderfull job. Learn to use what you buy and learn it well. Its good to know how to run all the different types of smokers available to you. And modify if needed to suit your needs. You won't be dissappointed either way you go.
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FIRST off...........welcome to best smoking site on the web

Make sure you sign up for Jeff's FREE 5-day ecourse.......lots of tips and ideas in there.........that mite help you make up your mind

also........dont forget q-view.........some of us will didn't happen.....

also......remember........the only silly/stupid the one NOT asked................

like the others have will have to ask around........maybe see if there are others in the area, you mite taste their food, offa diff. modes of heat.........myself, i perfer charcoal/wood.........and i won't start THAT argument here.....thats like asking if you should soak your wood chips or not.............LOLOLOL

but once again..........welcome
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Welcome to SMF!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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