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If you get the opportunity try Virgil's rootbeer and Henry Weinhardts rootbeet!!
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pepsi all the way.....but u know what irrating is when you go to a fast food joint or resturant 9/10 times they serve coke..whats up with that
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I'll switch between the two depending on my mood.

On a side note ....... i was in the grocery store last night and was passing the bbq sauce section They had a Dr. Pepper sauce and an A&W Rootbeer sauce. Didn't get any ...... kinda like making my own but will prob give them a try, then try to recreate it if i like it.
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Makes me sad too. Disneyland is all Coke too, so I drink water! icon_evil.gif
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Mostly Pepsi around all the Fast Food stores here! YEAH!!
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Coke is very aggressive at getting new customers. The are approx. the same price as Pepsi per serving, but they offer certain incentives (cash back and / or same shipping price for franchise locations) for a certain period to get the customers switched over.

It's happening all over my area. There are only a few places left that serve Pepsi... what a shame.
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This is just an interesting site... It breaks down by region what people call their carbonated beverages. It's a little dated (2002) but still relevant.
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BBQ Addict, is that a Weimaraner? They're one of my favorites along with Great Danes!
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Have to have Coca-cola when making a country ham.
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One of the prominent flavors in cococola is derived from coriander seed, very citrusy and an obvious choice for flavoring. Pepsi is sweeter and an excellent remedy for hangover(coke always comes up empty in that department) but coke has a broader flavor spectrum.
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yup gotta settle for sprite in those cases lol
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I've used coke many times in the past for a marinade ingredient. My son likes to use Dales marinade a lot. But I find it to make my meats too salty. I've been mixing the Dales with coke to tone down the salt flavor. Now its the wifes favorite with the steaks.

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Good points re: Coriander; never knew that...

Now as to the hangover? Never tried that...for me it's black coffee and 3-4 very dry fried eggs over hard...eats up the acid...oh and a banana and lots of water for dessert!! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

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Not to steal his fire.
Yes it is.
GREAT family dogs (like Labs).
Ours was a great hunter as well.
Some of em are ugly, but that's a nice lookin one.
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If its rootbeer It has to be Henry'sicon_exclaim.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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