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BBQ Competitions

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I am from outside Philadelphia in Delaware County. I didn't know how close anyone else on here was to me. Anyway, I am calling out to everyone close by to see if anyone knows if there are any good bbq competitions in and around Philadelphia. The only one I know of is the Diamond State Competition and that is later in the year and in Dover at the monster mile. Anyway I was curious to know if anyone was on a team close to Philly and was looking for new members or even looking to start a team up. Any and all replys welcome, thanks.
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try for a listing of dates
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Are you going to Yardley this weekend?

I've never been to Pennsylvania, but with a few Google clicks, I found this. I suspect you'll find several local BBQ teams.

You might also want to work on being a BBQ judge. You'll be rubbing elbows (and butts) with lots of BBQ folks in no time.

I just saw that the one this weekend in Yardley has a Backyard Division. Sounds like an omen to me. You got yourself 2 days to get it together brother. Whatcha waiting for? Go for it.

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Thank you for the help. Yardley is close to me, but I do not even have a team together, which is why I was calling out to everyone on here. I am new to bbqing and want to learn a lot more then I already think I know. I am looking to join a team eventually, but like I said, nothing is too close to where I am from. Travel is fine for me, but I need to learn more before I just enter into a contest.
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I never met a BBQ fellow that wouldn't halfway talk your ear off about his BBQ.

Head to Yardley this weekend and make some new friends.
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I am right outside philadelphia in bensalem pa (street road exit of 95) and the weekend after july 4th is the NJ state bbq champs in wildwood NJ, i will there for the entire weekend. let me know if you can make it. i will not be competing as i am a not near that level yet. however hope to be someday.

let me know if you can make it one of the days, would love to meet up with some people and shoot the breeze on bbq.

i will be staying at the lake lori campground in cape may the entire weekend and will have a smoker on the campsite with me :) !!!!!

also there will be a BBQ class on that saturday jul 12th at the competition. me and a few friends will be attending it. its like 30 bucks or something to teach you all about bbq and smokin. i have the registration form, if you want it shoot me a email at

the website is

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and tell all your new friends that you make about this place. biggrin.gif
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I'm from out near Valley Forge, the NJ State Championship is a fun day, I don't that it's good for a whole weekend if you're not competing, but the Wildwoods have a lot to do...There is a mid-atlantic bbq ***'n, on their page are comp up and down the east coast from NC to I think CT. Check out the link...

Yesterday there were two other threads started for the NJ State cook off as well.
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On the photo page of the website there are some great pics of the yardley comp last year, looks like a lot of fun!!
There's also a Berk's BBQ comp, just above Reading, shoot up 422 and you're there!
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Thanks Shellbell, I will look into all of these. I am literally two minutes from where I-95 and the Blue Route (I-476) meet so I can always jump on either highway to get to a lot of these places fairly quick.

I am really interested in getting involved with a team and doing the competitive cooking as well. Obviously I am a new comer to all of this so that is why I started a thread to see if anyone here was in close proximity to me and had a team or was looking to get one started and how to do it blah blah blah you get the idea.

Thank you very much for your feedback and everyone else's feedback.
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There a big one about 45 minutes south of you in August... BBQ Bash in Bel Air MD.
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No alcohol allowed on farm premises. Some might like this, others might not.
Me, I gotta have beer with my BBQ.
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Is it possible to smoke without alcohol?? wink.gif
That's like smoking without wood! :0-)
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I totally agree, you definitely need a few cold ones to help pass the time.

The Diamond State competition is in Dover at the monster mile (Dover Speedway) in October. I wanted to make it last year, but I had to work.

Everyone has hooked me up nicely on here with all types of competitions and sites to head out to throught this summer. Speaking of summer, out here in Philly it is going to be near 100 degrees for at least the next week, so that is signs for a hot summer ahead and plenty of bbq's........with cold ones !!!!
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