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Smoked Ham!

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Hams on sale at the grocery store....the one I picked up was smoked, ready to cook, butt portion, 8 lbs I think. I was using the oven for other things so I decided to stick it in the smoker instead. I did not trim any of the fat or skin, I scored it, slathered it in a paste I made from mustard, brown sugar, and rum, and smoked over hickory for about 4 hours. This was the best ham we have ever had. It had a deep, rich smoky flavor, moist and delicious. And no pan with sticky glaze to clean! I can't stop snacking on it.

This will be great for holidays, I will be able to use the oven for all the sides since the ham will be out of the way! I don't think I will ever make it in the oven again.
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Save the oven for a rainy day...
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never really thoght of that good idea
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what temp did you smoke it at to get it done in 4 hours
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Sounds good, I will have to try that. Thanks for sharing.biggrin.gif
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I have done that many times. In a book I have they call it twice smoked orgasmic ham... and it is.

I smoke it at 200 - 220 for about 4 hours. Great ham with a extra bit of love....
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yep, it was around 220-225. The ham is already cured and smoked so it doesn't take as long as a completely raw piece of meat.

Almost down to the bone now, I think I'm going to dice it up and make some corn muffins with ham and cheddar...
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Since you didn't post any pics, i'll show what it looks like when you REALLY smoke one! biggrin.gif

By imn88fan
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oh yeah!!! I must admit, that looks even better than mine did tongue.gif
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Most hams are already "done". Heat and eat. Not ALL however.
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I cant say I have seen an unsmoked ham in these parts.
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Bubba you show-off!
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I like smoking the spiral sliced hams. The smoke really gets into them. YUMMMMM!!!!!

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