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Looking good there Joe! I gotta get me one of those drums!

Bubba, you might just be getting an order soon, have to sweet talk momma some!
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What does the valve at the bottom do? How do you control the temp? With the amount of wood/charcoal you add?
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The ball valve is what controls the air intake. That in turn controls the rate of burn, or temperature. To heat it up you open the valve or remove a cap from one of the other intakes, then adjust the valve again.

How long it burns at a given temperature is controlled by the amount of charcoal (fuel) that is available to burn.
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Looks nice.
I might have missed it, but do you access your firebox through the top only?
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Once the fire is going and temps stabilized there is no need to access the basket. I can shake the basket from the top with a rod (through the food grate). This thing will burn long enough to cook an entire butt or brisket without a problem.
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Discount to GLBBQA members!! biggrin.gif
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I was going to start a new thread, but then I figured the maiden voyage is all part of the drum being born. So here's the mid-way Q-view from the Pig Barrel putting forth some most excellent pigcicles..

The loin back ribs

The Thin Blue wisping from the exhaust

Temp doing a fine job at 240º

I may not have time for the finished pics, but these are enough to keep bubba from saying it didn't happen biggrin.gif
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You the man!! wink.gif
Is that gage reading 240?
Figure 15 to 30* hotter at center grate.
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yeah bubba, I just had the lid off. It has been running (on the gage) from 215 - 240. I ain't worried bout the temp in the pic.
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Looking good Joe...........looking REAL good
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