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Pigs Pig Barrel is Born

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I have been working on a couple of drum smokers, one of which I call the Pig Barrel. I thought I'd share the slideshow of it through the process. Once the barrel was done I took it to the Sis-in Law to paint some graphics on it. They didn't turn out quite what I had imagined. But the barrel is born and it is what it is.

I'll be doing some pigcicles in her on 06/04 for the maiden voyage, after getting it seasoned and ready to go.

Enjoy the pics


you will want to watch the slide show in "reverse order"

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Excellent work!

Question- what are pigcicles? Are they ribs?
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Thats cool. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing it in action.
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Looks good nice job
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SaltyDawg - absolutely right - pork ribs in any form. I luv those pigcicles.
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Nice job, cool paint
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Great job Joe! Love the paint job, lol
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Rather bizarre graphics indeed... irrelevant however. Nice looking drum... and with those baskets..man, bet ya get 12 hours easy! Nice job Pigs!
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Thanks everyone. I told her what I was thinking about... Pigs flying out of flames with the top looking like one was flying out ... but the rest is the Sis-in-law. I was hoping for a little more demented. But like I said, it is what it is.

Rich, the other barrel has the same basket as this one and it will definitely go 12 hrs ... all ready for a butt or brisket ... shoot anything ya want to throw at it.
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I gotta get me one of those. I mean I love my WSM/ECB...but dang... I could go play nine holes after tossing a butt in, hit the pub for a beer and come home in time to mop.

Some days tho, I dearly love tending a fire. As many do.
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Me too Rich... but if you like to mess with the temps you can always start playing with the valve and caps biggrin.gif .

I ain't throwing away none of my smokers cuz I got these drums. Just another smoker to choose from, like choosing which ugly shirt is going to make the wife scream the loudesticon_evil.gif
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Joe is the Flying pig smoker coming to Warsaw? Would sure like to see it in action. Nice looking barrel smoker you have there.
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It can ... just as well put some miles on her. Besides if we're going to trade smokers, I'm going to need to have it thereicon_evil.gif

Yeah I'll bring it Steve.
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Nice drum Joe......but can it cook?? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
Been waiting to see this baby, i like the paint job! Be careful not to get it to hot!

More like 24 hrs with that basket and a quality fuel.....seriously!

I can't believe you haven't jumped to the drum side yet bro!
Maybe i need to set ya up! wink.gif
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I won't get her too hot ... she's already been roasted once. Just a good coating of oil and an over hot fire for a while.. then on the pigcicles...

Can't believe you'd ask ... "can it cook" ... you know it's gonna cook.
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Looking forward to the pics of the first cook!!! cool.gif
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Really Awesome

I love the graphics....
I can't wait to see her maiden voyage!
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I to like the paint jobcool.gif Each drum is a little diffrent and you made that one your ownicon_exclaim.gif
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I've never used one of those drum smokers, but you can get 12 hours off one basket?!?!

WOW! I have to build one of those! I'm lucky to get 3-4 hours out of my Chargriller...
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That is one sweet baby. Let the TBS begin. Great job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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