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LOL...if the prices of gas and food continue to go up, I may start offering the smoked Turd option!! biggrin.gif
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Heh... You have a good supply I'll wager... Oh Fido...!
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Oh yeah!! Poop patrol twice a day with my beasts! Nothing like three 210 pound dogs to keep the shovel full! eek.gif
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Well make sure you mop one turd and no mop on the other to see how your guests respond haha

I personally agree with TN BBQ, I am from the Northeast and up here you seem to see a lot of tomato based sauces and sweetness when it comes to pork (I am not vouching for everyone, it is just a general thing I see). I am not saying going too heavy on sugars and all, but try apple juice and a little cider vinegar with a tad of water in a spary bottle and say, every hour, after the smoke has been going strong for say two hours, I spray the ribs down nice. This keeps them nice and moist and gives it a hint of apple to go along with the apple wood smoke.

Again, you won't go wrong on here. Everyone's advise is awesome and you will learn a lot. I print out a lot of these posts for personal uses as far as recipes, sauces, mops and such. Just have fun doing what your doing and you won't go wrong !!!!
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I stick with my original answer:

I ain't saying YOU will think they are the best thing going, but I have a strong feeling (and a good deal of experience) that if you served up a sauceless, savory rib AND a honey glazed, sweet rib...folks will eat more of the honey glazed ones (i'm not so sure that's a good thing, but it's almost a universal fact).

Experiment a little (ain't like it's much trouble to do it both ways).

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I do the spritz thing, I am more wondering about the mop at the end, and you're right, I got some great information.

I think it boils down to trying both and seeing the reactions. Even if the mop is the big winner, it doesn't stop me from making a half rack or so with just rub for me. biggrin.gif
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I thought that was understood! :-) biggrin.gif

Every chef/pitmaster/cook knows the best stuff often never makes it to the serving table. That's not only the way it is, it's often how good ideas and great recipes happen.
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LOL...excellent!! biggrin.gif
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I usually mop , unless i cant find a mop , then i just pour. i use a 50-50 mix of whiskey and apple juice. B.T.W. what do you serve as sides with a smoked turd?
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That's easy.

Pee-tater salad.
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Very good ....Pee tater salad and a very quick response as well !!!!
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LOL...I thought corn...
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Would that be a mop or just a spritz? I do the apple juice, water, cider vinegar thing...but I always felt that a mop was a bit thicker. More like thin sauce.
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"Love the way you used that for texture..."

Good old Cheech and Chong...
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biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif I wondered if anyone would get that!!
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