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My ECB Mods

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Finished most all my ECB mods today. Pretty much the usual things, reinstalled legs outside of unit, perforated charcoal pan and added elevated coal grate (I used a Smoky Joe replacement which fits to the bottom diameter, I used the angle bracket from the legs to elevate the grate about 1"), and added 3/8" threaded rod legs. Then added a couple of WSM style dampers to the lid. Forgive my workmanship, its the best I can do one armed or supervising my daughter. I did torch the galv. coating on the dampers and legs. I may add a "gasket" of wood stove gasket material around the edge of the lid where it meets the body depending on how much heat and/or smoke leaks there now. The last photo is a set of Harbor Freight uni-bit clones. They are indispensable for drilling any thin metals like this. I don't usually care for HF tools but for ten bucks you just can't beat em. I'm planning on doing some pulled pork tomorrow to test drive it. Could only find cushion meat, but it oughta work.

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it all looks great to me-and ya it needs to get dirty now.
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Good job!

Here are the mods I made to my now retired ECB.

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