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Brisket, Chicken drums and burnt tomatos!

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Well after a break from smoking I finally got a chance to do so this weekend. I started out with a good rub recipe I was sent to try out. It was wonderful. I can't give it out and will let the guilty party identify themselves if they want to do so.

Rubbed a beef brisket point and some chicken drumsticks. Here the brisket is added to the smoker. I was using apple to smoke.

Once the brisket got close to being done I added the chicken drums. These were also rubbed down the night before.

While the meat was cooking I decided to use up some chiles I had sitting around. I added a handful of garlic and tossed it all together with some oil and salt.

I put this mixture under the broiler and cooked until a bit of char appeared on the skin of the chiles and garlic.

I removed the garlic and let the jalopenos cook some more.

Once the chiles were done I seeded and placed them along with the garlic into a food processor with a little oil and made a paste.

The paste was set aside, a pan heated scorching hot, some oil added, and then a mixture of fresh corn and cherry tomatoes were added. The high heat charred the corn and tomatoes. I saute'ed them for a while until the tomatoes started to break down and then added the chile garlic paste.

After the beef had rested I sliced it and got ready to eat.

Not a bad plate. Loads of flavor!
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nice lookin spread PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I love me some cherry tomatoes. Great looking grub you got there!
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Heh... Actually, I gave out a general outline in a thread a while back. But the poster asked for a very general proportions type thing.

Thank you for the fine compliment, especially from your culinarilly trained flavor sensors! I appreciate you trying it and your professional opinion!

That corn/cherry tomato thingie looks GOOD!
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The corn and cherry tomato thingie was very good. It even got a lil helping of the rub! A splash of balsamic is in there as well.

I hope I can remember how to do that again PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif cause I was kinda winging it using up the chiles I had.
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When ever I see a thread started by Vlap, and it says" Q-view" I know to check it out! Again, I was impressed!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

The tummy is now growling, and I must cook my dinner.

Nice job. gonna hafta try the corn/tomato thingy!

Also gonna hafta weasle my way into the secret rub from a friend of ours!PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Excellent looking meal, Vlap! I'm with the majority on the corn/tomato concoction. Love both of those veggies and will have to try that.

Thanks for the awesome qvue!!
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Looks awesome great food PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Its praise like this from a very accomplished group of cooks (I consider myself a cook and not a chef.) that makes me strive to make better food. I find myself consistently blown away by the imaginative recipes and incredible cooking skills displayed here. To know people look forward to my cooking is truely an honor and is what makes being part of this smoking community such an honor. I hope I can always live up to expectations. I am inspired by you all.
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You will have to speak to Rich about the rub. I was asked to keep it quiet and that I have done. None but my eyes have seen it here.

I will say it holds a few surprises and is darn good. There maybe a few tweaks it needs but as is it is still top notch!
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I think I know just the bribe to get it from him!eek.gif Starts with J and ends with Beam!icon_smile.gif

Vlap, you always have great pics, and wonderful tutorials so we can all try to create the same stuff. Points to you my friend!
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An old bottle of scotch will work wonders with me... I still have to ask his permission of course ;)
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permission granted!

The wings are down 2-0 right now, with a little help from our own guys. Next period will be different!icon_evil.gif
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Thank you sir!
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Tomato side dish is making my jowls drool.
Jee whiz man. I can't wait to give that a whirl.
Cooked tomatoes like that just get such a powerful full flavor they're wonderful.
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great lookin food and qview!!! gotta try that tomato/corn w/paste....great job!!!
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MAN! I gotta jump on the band wagon and do some of that corn/tomato/chili dish too! Great post, great q-view!
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Allie and I eat Alot of veggies-and boy do we like combining and grilling with rubs-brings out so much flavor-vlap yours looking so good! and could this rub by chanch be the second place winner?
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Congrat on the excellent Q my friend. You are a seasoned cook and smokee, I can taste that dish just by looking at the ingrediants.
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