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New addition

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... to the smoker family.

Received it Friday night but I was away for the weekend and so it had to wait until tonight to come out of the box.

First impression is that I like the way it is made. All the parts fit as they should and it's very sturdy. I'm one who likes things to work out of the box and it was nice that all the bolts and holes lines up as they should.

It will certainly be a learning curve using charcoal, but one I think I will enjoy.

I will have to get use to the smaller size, but the upside is I will finally get to use my rib rack.

Plan is to season it tomorrow and if I have time to do a small smoke to test it out: turkey breast, meatloaf, stuffed peppers and some veggies.

Qview to follow, hopefully tomorrow.
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Looks good congrats get that thing fired up and lets see some Qview biggrin.gif
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Nice looking rig. Enjoy your new toy......err I mean tool.
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Welcome to my world, Ron! Oh, and a few others that own the erstwhile WSM/ECB types.

Get that charcoal basket made! Also easy enough to add a rack in that sweety too :{)

Enjoy the Zen of the charcoal/wood experience!
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Ok Rich thanks. Here is the first question. For the seasoning, one chimney worth of charcoal should be enough, I'm thinking?
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Sure. A couple chunks too. This is where you'll really notice the use of the pre-burn. Toss a chunk in when starting the chimney, and let it cook down, toss into smoker. After a while add a raw chunk... note results.
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Thanks Rich. Yes I know the difference preburned vs raw wood. Since I have used the preburned method I've never had anything but tbs. The only downside is since there is less off gassing from the wood, I've noticed a smaller smoke ring. Not sure if it is related but kind of makes sense.

Anyway I just bought my first bag of RO lump hardwood. $9.99 for a 20 lb bag.
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Charcoal Basket

Hey Ron,

Welcome to the world of charcoal/wood smoking. It's all I know, I've never had any thing else, but I love it. I will say that my life got way way easier after I built my own basket. I've attached a pic just in case you are interested.

This was my first attempt at making a mod to my fire pan. Drilling holes to allow more air flow.

That didn't work so well so I made a new one. Using my rack for the old one and bending some expanded metal and screwing together a couple of bolts I had this.

This works great! No welding. Nothing complicated at all. As an added bonus, the square bottom of my rack has corners that stick out past my rack. At first I didn't like that all. Just for looks. It was only like that because the steel shop where I bought my metal would make cuts for me but didn't have a way to cut the bottom piece into a circle without charging me a bunch. So, I thought "I'll suck it up and have the corners". Well, as it turns out, those corners are a great place to set a small block of oak or cherry or what ever I'm using for flavor that day. It gets enough heat from the charcoal that it burns slow with tbs.

Hope this helps,

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I just picked up a piece of expanded metal. Think it will be easier to make it into a box and put it on top of the existing grate.
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The seasoning has begun! Sprayed the interior surfaces and grills with Pam, set up my thermometer and fired up a chimney full of charcoal with a couple pieces of pecan on top.
I guess it got a little too hot for the pecan which burst into flames about a foot high, lol. Lost half my cooking mitt and got my first battle scar from this thing, lol. after the fire was under control, I poured the chimney into the charcoal bowl, didn't yield too much but it was fine for seasoning the smoker.

A little tbs coming out the top.
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Congrats on the new smoker! Looking forward to your next smoke, and Q View too!
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It's smokin' time!!!

Glad you got your new rig, Ron. Am excited for you to join the ranks of us charcoal/wood users PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif. Good score on the RO - glad you've got that in your area.

Can't wait to see some qvue!! biggrin.gif
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Congrads on the new addition to your smokin family.
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