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Stalled still?

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I've got two pork shoulders, both about 7.5 lbs, bone in, on my MES. It's been 11 hrs and 20 minutes, and one's at 155 degrees and the other at 153. I just got the MES, so to be sure it wasn't a problem with the temperature sensor, I stuck a thermometer in there, and verified the cooking temperature was at 225 degrees, like I set my smoker to. Is it really possible these butts are still stalled?
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Yes it is welcome to my world happens to me almost every time i do butts be patient it'll move again and be worth it in the end
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How long have they been stalled?
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Lotta mass in that smoker.
Foil will pull em out of the stall if you wanna get it goin, otherwise, hang and be rewarded! wink.gif
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yeah, what bbqb said. Yer close enough to go ahead and foil to take em on up to 200.
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Let them ride, most butts stall, no way to tell how long, be patient; I hear it is a virtue :)
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Nearing 6 hours now. I might have to go with foil.
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they've been stalled for 6 hours?
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Yeah. I've been ripping my hair out trying to figure this out.
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never had them stalled that long double check the thermometer thats wierd. I think if they are truly stalled for that long i'd have to foil them like bubba said
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Dude, pull your probes and check em if they haven't budged in 6 hours! Troubleshoot the therms too. That just sounds like a crazy long time...
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Well, I just checked both of the shoulders with and old analog meat thermometer that I have. Both of the temperature measurements agree with my digital thermometer's reading. So, if I go with foil, is there any reason to leave them in the smoker, or would tossing them in the oven be just as good? How do you tell doneness with these outside of temperature? The thermometer went in easily enough... Not sure if that's an indication or not.
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double wrap them with foil and throw them in the oven at 250* use your digital thermometer and just close the oven door on it it will be fine

Temp is the best way to tell how done they are
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Slapping them in the oven is just as good after you foil them. You won't get anymore smoke with the foil anyway, and you save the fuel, wood, etc.

There really isn't another way to tell doneness, gotta go by temp.
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They're foiled up in the oven now. Hopefully this won't take much longer.
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It'll start goin for ya now
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Temp is the best way to tell when its done. A good way to tell just how close to finished the meat is cooking is to give the bone just a little pull. If it comes right out clean, no meat sticking at all and with very little to no resistance its very close. Also I have never seen the meat pull back less than 1/2 an inch, its is normally more.
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coming up on 45 minutes now..........whats the word?

or are you chowing down?
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I wish... One's at 164 degrees and the other's at 160.
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at least they're moving it should go faster now
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