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New to the site

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Hi all.

I used to do a lot of smoking but about 5 years ago my Brinkman charcoal side smoker got stole. So last week I went out and bought another. Man was it cheaply built compared to my last. But I did do some short ribs, country ribs and Salmon last week and they turned out pretty good.

I smoke with dry rub, a pan of water in the smoker with some spices and chucks of onions floating. I have done up to 6 shoulders at once on my old smoker for a company party with my own sauce. I like to start with a generic store bought sauce and go from there. Usually finally ground onions, peppers, brown sugar, honey and apple cider vinegar and what ever else I feel like throwing in there. Depends on my mood. I cook the sauce all most as long as I cook the meat.

Glad to have found the site and have enjoyed it since.

My simple question is that it has been 5 years since I did a shoulder or as the store calls them a picnic shoulder. I don't remember which way the fat goes, up or down.

Mike G
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Up or down , you'll get arguments for each method. Bottom line is that it doesn't really matter, either way will produce excellent results.

Welcome to the forum, glad to have you join us.
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amen on the up or down question just get it on the smoker and it'll be fine. Welcome to the forum Mike you'll find lots of good info and good people around here.
Have Fun and Happy Smoking
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Thanks for the welcome all. It does me good to see so many good people willing to help out a total stranger.

On the up or down thing, seems to me that the fat on top would let the flavor from the fat migrate down through the meat to produce a better flavor. But on the bottom keep the meat from drying out.

Seems like you pro's have not found too much difference on the placement.


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I'm not a pro but have tried it both ways and don't notice much difference in the end
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Welcome to the forum! It really sucks when someone steals your stuff!PDT_Armataz_01_17.gif Make sure you show us some Qview when you get to smokin'.
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No difference Mike, don't sweat the small stuff and:

it's all small stuff.
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Mike, you ain't a stranger no more, you joined our forum and became family!!

You'll continue to be amazed at how willing, helpful and friendly everyone in here really is.

Fat up or down is really a matter of preference. My $.02 -

Fat down will give the meat some insulation if you have flare-ups or temp spikes. Fat up gives you a self-baster, but the melting fat can wash away your rub early. I prefer to go fat down for the first cuple of hours. By the time the bark is set in enough for me to start spritzing, I flip it for the rest of the time till foiling
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Welcome to the SMF. You're question is one of personal choice, as you'll find out with the responses.
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Hi Mike,
Bummer about the whole theft thing, I hate rotten Peeps...Karma..that is all I got to say about that!
I am with seboke on this one! No right or wrong way, just what works for ya! my .02!
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Welcome to the forum. Sorry to here about the smoker growing legs and walking off.
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Welcome Mike G.

Sounds like you have it figured out. Good smokes ahead.
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welcome to smf, sorry about the smoker man! lookin forward to some qview from your new one!!!
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Welcome to the forum sontime!
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Welcome to the SMF!! I'm sure you will enjoy the friendly people here.
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