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It's been a busy day here with the brisket throwdown with Laurel -grinding chuck that I bought for 99 a# and this beast that I cut in quarters and got to cureing-after trimmed It weighed out to 15#s of bacon.
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That looks like a really nice cut for some bacon, Bob. Am glad to see the measuring tape to get a gauge of how big that piece of meat is!

Are you going to document the process of how you convert this from raw yuck, to delicious bacon? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif I'd be a subscriber to this for sure!!
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that is a mity fine lookin belly there bob, gonna make some real fine bacon!!!
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you know I will-buckboard cure-1 tbl-1 1/4 tsp. per# of meat-will sit in fridge for a week-9 days-rotate daily-smoke at 90 till 140ish-will keep posting as it goes.
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Thanks so much! My notepad is out and notes will be taken! biggrin.gif
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Now thats a hunk of meat I too am looking forward to the progress and the process
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I'll be taking notes too! How many pounds did that dress out to?
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read my friend-prolly 12 after the fat cap removed.
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I see it there now, your pic cut your text...
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