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6 lbs of Fatty's

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Look what's coming to work with me. I made 3 two-pound fatty's to take to work for a "work food club". Stuffed it with fiesta cheese, portobella mushrooms, spinach, green pepper and onions. One is for us tonight Mmmmm.

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Nice lookin fatties!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Like the criss cross bacon pattern too.
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Love the criss-cross bacon design, the ingredients sound great!! Look forward to the finished results... bet they will be delich!
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Awesome. Looks Yummy
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Those look awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow.....Nice fatties!! wink.gif
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Wow sounds delicious and looks great!
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Mighty fine vittles, mighty fine indeed! Excellent color! Yall co-workers better appreciate yall after that!
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Is that an echo... Those do look great!!
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Simply marvelous!!
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Yowza! Those fatties look magnificent!!! Nice work. Would love to see the guts of those fatties :)
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Wow that looks amazing, i have to do some more reading and make some of those. OMG!

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Well they went over great at work today, although we all knew they would. These were the first 2-pounders I made and from now on that will be the only way I will cook them. They take longer to cook from the added bulk but the plus side is the bacon cooks more. With 1-pound fatties the bacon was softer and under-cooked in my opinion. The 2-pounders were thicker (3/8â€) so the filling never leaked out.
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