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Reporting for duty

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Hello all,
I'm glad to be here. What a great resource, I've already learned a lot from all of you. My name is John and I've got a GOSM smoker. The smaller one. I've been smoking Salmon for a few years and just recently figured I'd better learn to smoke some other meats. I'm starting with pork. I've got my second butt ever in the smoker right now. Got up at 3 am to get it started. Just what I need another hobbie I have to get up at the crack for. I'm big into Salmon and Steelhead fishing too. I've got 2 beautiful little girls that are my tasters/judges and we have another on the way. I look forward to being a part of this community.
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John, a warm welcome to SMF! You're going to love it here and with your fishing background, the qvue of those smoked salmon are bound to be tasty!

Love your state of OR. I've got family that live in Salem, and Portland. It's been too long, need to get back out there to see the peaks of Mt. Hood.

Looking forward to your future posts and qvue!
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Welcome aboard John! Wanting to try smokin salmon sometime, just gotta go buy mine!
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Welcome aboard, glad ta have ya! From the sounds of it, yall gonna fit right in. Congrats on the little one on the way too!
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Congrats John on the new addition to your tasters!
You will be glad you found SMF lots of recipes and brilliant peeps here to help ya out!
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Welcome to SMF John! Nice country up there. I have actually been in Eugene, on my way to Bend. Big fishing areas.

Anyway... hang around and we'll have ya smoking things sooo well and tasty you'll be TOO popular. Believe it! Folks will BRING you meat! It's TRUE!
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welcome to the forum, i dont know of two things that fit together better ... salmon fishing and smoking!!!!
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Welcome to smf John. You found the best site there is to learn about smoking.
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Sounds like your family just got bigger with the addition of SMF. Great place, enjoy it.
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Welcome to the SMF!!! Your going to need a bigger smoker sooner than later with the increase in mouths to feed.
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