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My first Smoked Turkey Breast Roast

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I smoked a Turkey Breast Roast yesterday and it turned out wonderful, probably the best turkey I have ever had. The only problem I had was it was a little salty. I may have brined it too long, 20 hours.

The roast was 3 lbs and I brined it in Apple Juice, and 1/2 cup Kosher Salt + some spices.

Should I cut the salt in half next time or shorten the brine time?

I smoked the breast at 220 with apple for about 5 hours then about an hour at 260-275 to help brown it. I also sprayed it with apple juice and water mix about every hour.

It was so smokey, juicy and tender, absolutley wonderful. I am going to thinly slice the rest of it for Turkey sandwiches.

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Nice! Cut brine time. Hit Roll Call forum and give us an intro and we'll be better able to help. Smoker type, experience etc... plus..we're nosy ;{)
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Ditto to what Richtee says.
Welcome to the forum.
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20 hours???
Those roasts usually come enhanced....already brined.
Sounds like you done allright though!
Nice pics...biggrin.gif
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Great looking turkey.
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ditto to richtee and others, shorten brine time. you still want the brine at full strength for it to exchange properties in the meat correct. you got to play around a bit with times and fit to your taste. i did a whole turkey yesterday that i brined for 18 then a 1 hour freshwater soak, it sure looks good though.
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I did one of these last weekend. It turned out good except for one problem. It was difficult/impossible to remove the net from the roast one it was smoked and hd a crust. How did you do it ?

-- Lee
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Ditto to what Richtee says
and welcome to smf
intro yourself on roll call because we are nosy people
want to know all about your bussiness...heheh eh
again welcome biggrin.gif
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That turkey looks good and juicey PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
May have to try that for my Fri the 13th smoke cool.gif
Shorter brine time and keep the heat up , sounds like a plan too me , those pics looks GOOD !!!!
Well except for mayby the diet tonic water icon_rolleyes.gif But we'll give you a warm welcome , and that was a great Q-VIEW cool.gif Nice !!!!!
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I broke down and read the directions included with my butterball bonless breast PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif It said to tug and re-arange the strings all the way around the roast before cooking to make it easier to remove PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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I'd also recommend a shorter brine. How much Apple juice did you use for the brine?
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Sorry about the saltiness, but it sure looked good! Looks like the common answer is to shorten the brine time...
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