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Smokin' in the Wine Country

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I am a long-time smoked meat lover. Been smoking things like turkeys in Weber kettles for years (my dad taught me that trick), and started doing smoked baby back ribs a couple years ago using a side-by-side smoker borrowed from a friend. I live up in the Sonoma area in California, winegrapes all around, and nothing goes better (IMO) with some of that wine than real BBQ.

Last week I bought a brand new MES (don't know the model off-hand). Because I live off-the-grid with a generous solar array, I figured using the sun to smoke my meat (indirectly anyway) works for me, especially this time of year.

Anyhow, my first experiment in the MES was to do baby back ribs. Unfortunately, I didn't find this forum before I did it. I did it too low (180 degrees) and didn't wrap the ribs, etc. They were tasty, but not magical the way I know they can be.

Tomorrow, I embark on my next MES experiment: pulled pork. The butts are in the fridge with the rub on, and I just realized I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow (and perhaps the next day).


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Welcome to the board for the Gilroy Area
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welcome again randy, ck out the free ecourse!!!!
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Welcome from another Californian! If enough of us start somking meat, maybe the stores will start carrying some decent lump charcoal.

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Welcome to the SMF from a fellow So. Cal. smokee. Good luck... with the butts.
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Welcome to the forum from NY. I hear grape wood is excellent for smokin.
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Welcome to SMF... cool... solar prolly would not be too efficient up here in the near Great White North. Try some of that grape vine on something one day and report your findings!
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Welcome to the SMF! I also got first hooked on smoking through a Weber kettle. I pestered my wife so much for a Ranch Hand model to get better smokes (and quantity) that she bought me a side smoker instead! Never go back now. Also, dried grape vines add excellent flavor to your smoke.
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Aloha and Howdy to SMF's!
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Wanted to update the thread on my gear.

The MES model is 20070106, apparently basic but it more than meets my current requirements.
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to the smf.........................
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