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Brisket Throwdown!!! AZ desert vs FL coast - Page 3

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OK so maybe it"s a chick thing...but I vote for Laurel!!! biggrin.gif
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Props to Bob

Bob - the final shots of your meal, all ready to be inhaled biggrin.gif looked so friggin good!!! Now I see what you mean by puttin' a sear on the meat. All the fresh veggies with the potatoes made for just the perfect evening meal.

This was an extremely fun event and although it was virtual, I had the best time. Definitely something I want to do again!!

Thanks to everyone who was watching and waiting for those mouth watering pics. Let's see who has the next SMF Throwdown ... PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
post #43 of 53 give us newbies something to live for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow... Umm... ahhh... can I have a slice???

I think the tie is the ONLY call on this one.

Great job Des!
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ok now doubt just after dinner and gazing at the food the 2 of you produced I am hungry again!!!!
Bravo to both of you! You set a high standard!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Its too close to call, must be there to verify!icon_smile.gif
The pros and cons from each side make it a virtual tie in my little mind. Good job to both of you.
Great to see a couple just born OTBS members squaring off against each other! Great thread, and cool outcome! Hats off to both of you, and while my hats off, I raise my glass too!

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Congrads to both of you for an awesome smoke. To try and place a 1st and a 2nd on this one is too close. both winners in this one.
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first off Laurel thanks for the 1 h ella brisket I had to smoke to come close to matching yours-also thanks for the fun that was involved with the play by play and pics-also thanks to all the other members and guests for following the thread.And to think after a few nites in chat and u saying a brisket was intimadateing-I knew you couldn't refuse the challange in front of our chat friends-It's only a piece of meat & if u don't give it a try u ain't gonna know!I look foward to doing another.
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I declare the winner to With the two entrys we win. You peeps did a great job and both deserve acolades. Congrats to both of you.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I AGREE PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You've both motivated me to sear then smoke a brisket tomorrow. Be looking for the thread. Take care, Greg
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coyote country for sure.. everything looking good..that searing is the way to go..seals in the juices..
lot of giant catus in your yard.. I have been planting ocoteos catus around my place for the last week. nothing but bairin desert out side the wall. my wife wants me to get some of those big ones like in your pic.
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Don't know if I can vote on a winner......maybe I need a sample of each......about 2-3# should do the trick. Send all of the trimmings too just to make it fair and all......DAMN I'm Hungry!!!!
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