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Brisket Throwdown!!! AZ desert vs FL coast - Page 2

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Bob?.......oh, Bob!!.........are you there, Bob??

HEHE....just waiting to see some qview from the AZ desert..PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

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Oh la la..

Yummy Laurel!!!
Where is Bob??? hummmmmm
It looks fabulous, congrats yummy gravy toooooo!!
Im thinking points to you!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Bob's still got time

You folks are just droolin' for Bob's qvue, ain't ya!! PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif

Don't blame you, it's probably becoming a masterpiece in the pit as we speak. He said something about trying to have it done around 3pm'ish his time (think it's MTN time?) so if it's 3:46pm on the East coast, it's 12:46pm where he is.

Bob, you've got us all at your beck and call when you post those pics!! biggrin.gif
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It's about showtime-brisket rubbed for 3 days and hitting the grill for a good sear.
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We be cooking now-this was at 7 am.
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A little TBS flowing through my desert-looking like a couple more hrs. internal is 170-shooting for the 200 mark.
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Lookin' good so far, Bob.......DAYUM it looks HOT out there.....I'll stick to my 80* w/ 70% humidity.....biggrin.gif

Waiting for the rest of the qview.....(and a sample.....heh)

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Is 100 with 3% humidity-just the way I like it.
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backyard scenery

Bob - the pictures of your brisket (so far) look really great. Love the sear pics and now I know what a "sear" is supposed to look like! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

What is more amazing is your backyard .... if that's what you and Allie have to gaze at on the cool evenin's in the desert, you both are very fortunate to have something a city person would find amazing. Great outdoor bbq setup, and hope your brisket turns out nothing less than awesome!!!

This is rather fun ... wonder who the next throwdown will be between ... confused.gifbiggrin.gif
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Yes Laurel we love it here-theres 1 ranch between us and the mountian-they sit close to the foothill-to the right outta site is a dude ranch-3500 acres-the mountian is national forest on this side-the other side is tile roofs.
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Nice pic of the sear..
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This is gonna be a real battle! Lookin good so far Bob!
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Yea Bob it would be terrible having to look at that scenery everyday biggrin.gif
So far the brisket looks good
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What a GREAT thread! Bravo!
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darn bob nice sear, also like the view with the big cacti, those the rockies???
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Well It's dinner time-brisket turned out fork tender-and with the Au-jus-was melt in the mouth-grilled taters-salad-with our first maters-alvacado-green onion-Allie says best brisket she has had-I thought pretty good also-Thanks Laurel for the fun we had-and just 1 more piece of meat under your belt.anytime anymeat my friend I would love to do it again.I admire your gusto.
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great job to laurel and bob, great post!!!!!
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You two are amazing......I thought I was sure about who was getting points and who was not... wow you two are amazing!
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Ok people as the official judge of this throwdown lets see
Laurel great looking brisket and the gravy yum
Bob great looking brisket and the taters yum

Lets see I officially rule this a TIE you are both winners and they both looked great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Guess ya'll are just gonna have to entertain us with another showdown when ya'll recuperate from this one
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Dang fine lookin' eats, Bob.......that chick from teh East coast apparently knows a thing er two,,,,,we better figger out how to sabotage her next smoke........heh
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