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Howdy, Folks...New to the Site!

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Howdy! I'm happy to have found this website! Thanks to the creators and the moderators and the members for being here.

I'm a self-employed "glorified dirt farmer" (organic produce for many years and have branched out to perennials, bedding plants, herbs, shrubs, and for the past 20 years what is now known as an "heirloomist").

Having raised many of my own meats over the years, or harvested them from the woods, I find I have finally learned to take some time to enjoy smoking them! I recently got a Brinkman Smoker, have only smoked on it 3 times so far, each time I was happily pleased! (And while smoking I had a "beer can chicken" cooking. Yummy!)

As I type this I have a picnic ham smoking...I gave it a good mustard rub, coated it with a Cajun spice and garlic rub, and it happily sits above a mesquite smoking fire. (Well, at least it looks happy to me!)

I'm looking forward to the email newsletter and the 5 day course and, most important, input from all of you.

Again, many thanks.
Hope this finds you and yours healthy and happy.

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Welcome Shoe glad to have you!
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Shoe - a warm welcome to the SMF family! Your background as an heirloomist is interesting to me. Glad to know where all those beautiful flowers I see at nurseries come from icon_smile.gif

Sounds like you're off to a good start with your new smoking meat hobby. Good luck on the picnic ham, the rub sounded tasty! Will we see some qvue? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Don't be afraid to ask questions if you got 'em! Again, welcome!
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Shoe, welcome to the SMF. You're in great company with these members. America needs more farmers!
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Welcome aboard 'shoe. Funny thing is, the guy who turned me on to this site is nicknamed Horseshoe. I saw the name, and thought it was him. The people here are great. I joined just recently, and have gotten all kinds of good info, ideas, hunger pains (gotta stop looking at q-view at work!).

Time spent here is time well spent.
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Welcome to SMF Shoe sure glad u found us-and like all say we pretty friendly folk here and do our best to help your smokes turn out great.
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Welcome shoe. You found yourself a great place to learn everything there is to know about smokin
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Welcome Shoe ~
What everyone else has said! PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Welcome to the SMF, Shoe. We like q-view.
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Welcome to SMF. Happy to have you here.
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Welcome aboard.................Glad you found us here...............
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welcome to smf shoe. you have discovered a great site with great people who are willing to help and are reall interested in what you do at home smokin. share some smokes!!!
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My goodness...!

Thanks to you all for the warm welcome! What a nice surprise! (It took me a few minutes to learn there were two pages of welcomes; guess I will be learning to navigate the site (I just now found out what QView is). Wish I had taken pics of my smoked ham but it is already sliced and "tupperwared" for easy lunches this coming week. I'll learn, I'll learn!

The ham came out mighty fine. A bit hard on the salt in the rub but otherwise very nice. Loved the smoke ring look it had when sliced. (I'll be reading up on the forums, hopefully learning how to get more rub flavor within the meat and not just on the out edges.)

Again, thanks for the welcome and words of encouragement.

And now, off to plant more tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc in my gardens. Hmmm...I've had grilled veggies many times, wonder if there is a way to smoke some?

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Welcome aboard shoe! You can most definitely smoke veggies! Check out the veggie smoking forum
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Thanks, Seboke. Off to view your link.

Happy Day to all.

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