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Meat bathing in the smoke

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So today we are hanging out and decided to fire up the ole smoker. Decided to do a beer can Chicken and Fatty for dinner. But everyone needs an appetizer right? So we went ahead and wrapped up some ABTs. Did some just stuffed from the top and wrapped in bacon and others cut lengthwise and stuffed with cream cheese and sausage and then wrapped in bacon. For the chicken I just did a basic rub that I have even used on Ribs but seems to do good on the chicken as well. The Fatty has cheese, onions, green bell pepper, mushroom, diced green chilis. Got the Fatty in the fridge waiting till later to go on. Here are some pics of the prep and the meat in the smoke. I'll post more as it goes.

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Now you're off to a tasty smoke!
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X-Factor lookin might good. Universal rib rack, I like it.... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Here is a little status update about half way. I learned one thing, don't just use two toothpicks to hold the ABT. You have to have a toothpick or scewer that goes the whole way through. I was able to lean them on my rib rack though. Then had to attach a picture of my dog Daisy enjoying the California sun and smell of smoke on the Q.

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Well the time came to take off the ABTs and add on the Fatty. I have to say the ABTs with the sausage and cream cheese wrapped in bacon stole the show. Don't get me wrong, they are both good though. Now can't wait for the chicken to finish and the of course the infamous fatty (the kids favorite).

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Looking good X!! I love your avatar
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X - that's a great lookin' smoke you've got going! A full smoked meal, including appetizers, nothing better PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Can't wait to see how that chicken turns out. It looks really good! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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All looks real good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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X -- Nice use of the rib rack for ABT support. Thanks for posting.
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That looks awesome. Gettin soooo hungry now!
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The high desert is smokin' today.
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On the ABT's do you brown the meat first?
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Lookin good X, glad to see you finally tried the ABT's.
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Yes we browned the sausage prior. Not fully, about 3/4. This is thanks to Smokin Out the Neighbors. They are awesome. Right now the chicken and fatty are "resting" and going to carve them up very soon. More Q-View to follow.
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Well the time finally came and everything is done and consumed. Here is the final picture I have. Luckily it met the standards of my girls.

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