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New Smoker

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Hey everyone, I'm am a traditional griller trying to get into smoking. Mainly I do pork ribs on my grill. I have been looking at smokers to buy, but don't know which to get. I've been looking at the WSM and the Brinkmann Smoke & Grill, but they don't look wide enough to handle many racks of ribs. I was also looking at a vertical smoker by Brinkmann, but have read some bad reviews. Any thoughts
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Mwp welcome to SMF it is the best palce you could be on the net... lol Like i was saying I have the GOSM wide model from walmart, it has three racks and i bought a rib rack from Bed bath and beyond that holds 5 racks on there side. I luv my GOSM it is propane and with very few mods it is a smokin machine... it does well, i have done butts and a corn beef brisket and they have all turned out great (of course they each get better) i find new things each time i smoke... Are you near a Bass Pro Shop? they have a bunch of different models to look at. Hope this helps out some and again welcome aboard...
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That sounds great. Question, is there an advantage to gas or electric over charcoal?
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Holding temps on gas or electric are easy. Some say you do not get a smoke ring with electric does not hav anything to do with tast. ps I have charcoal and love it. just my .02
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You say your are a griller? on what? charcoal or gas? I would stick with what I was already comfortable with....then choose from there...I am from the charcoal .02
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Mine is propane and yes I get smoke rings. I like it because when you open ther door you dont have to worry about the temp, as soon as ya close it back presto you are back to your cooking/smoking temp again... I am fixing to get a ECB and play with it too, it is smaller and a charcoal. hope this helps some but like BBQGODESS said stick with what you are comfortable fooling with and then expand from there....
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Welcome to the SMF. You're wise in checking out reviews and specs. on your potential smoker. I think most of us would agree that bigger is better, you never know when you'll need that extra space. Good luck on your search.
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Welcome to the site................Glad to have you here.................
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