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Smoking a Butt

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Good Morning Connoisseurs of the Smoke,

I'm smoking up a nice 6lb boston butt today. Here's what she looks like after about an hour. Can't wait to tear into this later...

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Lookin good! wink.gif
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Add some moisture to that pan and suck it out in a while... keep it for a finishing sauce, or any other flavoring thing you might think it works in! Shh don't tell my secret!
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Lookin' good! Hope to see more later!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Thanks everybody. Here's another shot. The internal temp is at 152.

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Lookin might fine froman.... Cant wait to see end results biggrin.gif ....
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lookin good. keep us posted
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I have a question that I'm hoping somebody can help me out with. I bought a couple of kilbasa sausages at the store. How long do you think they need to smoke? I was thinking 2 that long enough?
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Until 170°. Chances are they are already cooked tho...could go to 150 and serve then
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Richtee is right... drippings is good too!
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thanks Richtee!
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Yer welcome dude... Smoke ON!
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