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Can you make a decent Brisket in an electric smoker?

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I am not sure, but I am going to give it my best effort to determine if I can. I know some others have had some success from the excellent q-views. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. Here it was after sitting in the fridge over night rightbefore I put it on the smoker. How do I make my pics smaller? (note this is a 7lb flat not a whole brisket)

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Pics are perfect!!
Heck ya you can do a brisket on an electric smoker!
What kind do you have?
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Hmm I LIKE that pict size, myself...
And MANY here make great brisket in an electric. Maybe want to add a couple chunks of lump charcoal along the way..increases NO2 production, giving a better smoke ring...if ya care. And use a waterpan...or keep it well moistened. That will help also!
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Ok, I wasn't sure if people preferred the thumbnails that you can enlarge or the size I was using. 2 hours into the smoke my electric Brinkman is doing well I have it on my covered portch and chairs blocking what little wind can get in. I will keep updating through the day, last brisket I did didn't turn out to well, I am hoping with some help I can get this one to be a dandy. I am taking it to a softball game tonight and I want the boys to understand why I am so crazy about smoking.
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Smoke looks good!
Smoke till 160ish and wrap in foil, continue until 195 ish and start testing with a probe, when the probe slides in like butter, your done!!
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I was planning on tenting at 170 and cooking until 200 just to be safe. Do you think thats to much?
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Safe? It's ready at 135°...for real rare... 200° is for pulling. Wanna slice it? 160-180 depending on the "pink scale".
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Yeh, I should clarify there....by safe I meant I don't want to fire up the Stihl chainsaw to cut it. I don't want to pull it like pork but I want thick 1/4-1/2" slices that melt in your mouth. I have actually had beef tenerloin raw before (beef sashimi) not bad....
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160 will be good for a bit of pink... tenderer... do the 175-180.
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You want melt in your mouth tender, follow the probe advice....
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Great stuff guys I really appreciate your help and I will share q-views of the final product, I want melt in your mouth I will try the probe test. I will keep updates getting ready to get my first temp after about 4 hours. We will see how it goes and how much longer I have.
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Sorry I just now saw this question, but my guess is you figured it out when I showed the second pic as you own one yourself.
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I am 4 hours into the smoke and as you can see by the pick the flat is 145 and the smoker temp is a steady 225. I am getting close to having to add some more beer, apple juice or water what ever I decide, but I think it looks pretty darn good. About 5 more hours and the grubbing will be on.
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Looks good, but if your lookin, you ain't cookin!
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I know......but my digi went on the fritz and I only have the probe to tell the temp on the brisket. I only have looked once in 4 hours and don't plan on looking again for a couple of hours. I have two probe thermo's but both of them are on their way out. Sooooo, sadly I will have to look periodically.
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My electric pumps out great brisket. I fill'er up as much as I can so I have leftovers for brisket smokehouse chili... then again that season has left us.
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Hi, to answer your question about briskets and electric smokers read my post here as I just done my first yummy:http://smokingmeatforums.com/forums/...ad.php?t=17796
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In case you all were interested how it turned out I sliced it at 8:30 for my softball buddies and it lasted 15 minutes tender as all get out. I used the probe technique as suggested and it worked perfectly. Below are a few picks. This was sliced on the back of a pick up truck can't beat it.

Thank you guys for your assitance, this was a huge hit and has started a weekly tradition now where each week someone is going to bring food, I voluntered for next week ribs on the menu, I will post those as well.
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i think that brisket looks pretty darn good. looks like the electrics can indeed do a brisket. great job and great qview!!!
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