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Doing Ribs today

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Hey all,

just figured i would share. doing some ribs today

Ignore the date on the pics, camera set wrong :)





After 1 hour:


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Looking good... Just a FYI that temp gauge is gonna read hotter then it is in the cooking area near the meat.
I have the same smoker and it can read 50 degrees hotter then it really is on the grate.
Pick up a digi thermo at Walmart, Homedepot or Lowes, there cheap and worth the money. I first learned about them here and my cooking improved the first time I used one..
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Looks good. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

What time should we all show up for dinner?

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Looks good but the slab sure looks lonely. There oughta be at least another slab there to keep it company or a pan full of my Wicked Baked Beans!! ( a shameless plug I know, but they are good!!)biggrin.gif
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Dutch, you might have gave your beans that shamless plug, but I cant go to family get togethers without them. The family just love your beans recipe and I have passed it along to some co-workers and was told last week that they loved them too. So your beans are better than good in my book..

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Thanks for the tip, i will definatly check them out and get one, i see alton brown using them all the time on good eats, and been meaning to get one.


You are correct. they were VERY lonely, but it was a trial rack as i made a new rub and that was actually the second time i did ribs on the smoker. the first time came out ok, but had no flavor. so i wanted to do 1 rack at a time from my case of ribs until i get my rub down, but let me tell you guys, i think that was the best rack of ribs i ever had in my life.

my cousin told me how he does his, he smokes them for 4 hours (country ribs) then wraps in foil with apple juice for another 2 hours to steam internally. so i did it that way and they were amazing.

unfortunatly my 7 year old son like spicey things and i only got 2 ribs, neighbor got 2, dad got one, and 7 year old ate the rest! eek.gif

Thanks guys, learning alot by reading up on everything here.

Yesterday i did chicken thieghs, pork loin, hot italian sausage , and a pork butt, the butt finished this morning and i tried the finishing sauce . WOW!!! is all i can say . it was amazing.

Anyone here live in Pa or surrounding area going to the NJ state
BBQ champs in aug in wildwood NJ.(www.njbbq.com) or going to the shady brook farm bbq competition at shady brook farms : (http://www.shadybrookfarm.com/bbq.php)

I have put up some pics of what the ribs looked like. they are here in this gallery.


Thanks all,

Talk to ya soon,
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