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Turkey brining question

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I think I'm gonna do a turkey this weekend if I can find a decent 5 gal bucket can I put the turkey in the brine frozen or do I need to thaw it first?
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If you do go frozen rock hard, add time to the brining. If you can defrost for several hours...soft outside, then it should be fine with normal brine times. Remember to cut back on the salt a bit maybe 25% from a standard brine, as birds are a higher percentage of bone to meat.
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When I brine turkeys I brine them in coolers. For warm weather brineing you can add ice as needed.

Also, another thing I do is line the cooler with a garbage bag for brineing and easy clean up. Some may say the garbage bags are not food grade, but I have been doing this for years and I am still kicking !!!
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Food grade garbage bags?? Bahhh! Thats a great idea Mossy! wink.gif
HD sells their orange buckets for a couple bucks, makes for great brining buckets!
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An' twitching? ;{)
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Thaw him out some if ya can jerry, cool runnin water in the sink works pretty good. May the smoke gods smile upon yer cooker!
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Thanks for the info. Stupid me I have a friend that owns a resturant just called him and he says " how many NSF buckets and lids ya want I got lots come get em" Also I have the bird thawing now
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I try to brine mine thawed, but I have done it still partially frozen with no ill effects.
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Hey jerry, the pickle bucket ferrie showed up on my porch this mornin, buddy brought me over bout 10. Guess I got a lifetime supply now. I'll save em fer sumtin.
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Good luck on your first bird, Jerry! Glad you got the thing thawing, should be ready soon for the brine bath.

Are you using an original brine recipe or maybe, Tip's? biggrin.gif
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I haven't seen Tip's recipe yet and don't really know I'm doing London Broils tomorrow and getting the turkey in the brine tomorrow as well also gonna try Ron's Stuffed Peppers tomorrow too I hope
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when i do a turkey.........i soak for 24 hours to remove the already added crap, the factory added..........then use my mollases brine, and inject with the brine......but like whats been said, cut back on the can get MOST of the added salt out, but not all..........
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