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Boss Hawg

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Hello all,

I'm from Warrenton, VA and I have been smokin meat for about 5 years. I enjoyed doing it and I received so many compliments my wife and I started a catering business. When we retire we will go full time.

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Welcome to the forum Jolley. Theres alot of good people around here willing to share recipes and help. What kinda smoker or smokers ya got?Remember we like Qview biggrin.gif Have Fun and Happy Smoking
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Welcome aboard, glad ta have ya! I'm in the process of startin a caterin business on the side as well. Lota friendly folks here with great information ta share. I see yer a Mason as well.
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Welcome to the forum!!
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I like yer license plate brother!

Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome aboard.................Lots of great info and people here to help you out.............
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Welcome aboard. Like Pineywoods I would like to hear what you are using and don't forget that q-view.
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Hey Boss, welcome to the forum!! I lived in Fredericksburg for over 14 years before moving to Colorado. I used to know some people from Warrenton. Cant wait to see of your pics!!
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Love those VA plates, Boss. Welcome to the SMF. I look forward to your contribution since you already run a catering biz.

Here was as my plate when a VA resident (Va Bch):
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Howdy Boss!
Awesome place with awesome peeps...can't wait to see you first Q-Vue!
Gotta share though!!! PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Welcome to the forum boss. Happy to have you here.
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