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My First Brisket On The MES W/Qview

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Since I didn't want to baby sit all night, I separated the point from the flat.

This is the point separated from the flat.

Rubbed and ready to Sear. I used yellow mustard, garlic powder, lemon pepper, cayanne, brown sugar, and sea salt for the rub.

On the Weber searing.

Ready to come off and into the smoker.

In the smoker with hickory and mesquite.

You can see the temps of the briskets were alraeady in the 140' range.

It is now about 2 hours into the smoke ready to flip.
Temps are 222', the door leaks, but a replacement is on it's way. icon_smile.gif Briskets are 155 - 151. Hope they don't stall too long.

Plenty of smoke going on, eww, that smells good.

I plan on pulling at 170 - 180 and either wrapping or putting into a foil pan sealed and using the MES as a holding oven tonight 190' and pulling in the am. That is one reason I like the MES, if it doesn't fail me, this is the first time trying this. Wish me luck!!

Also one thing about this forum is the Qview and sharing with fellow smokers. It is a lot of work to do but sharing is what it is all about. I have learned so much here. Thanks to you guys.
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Great Job ron! Can't wait to see that thing sliced!!
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Looks great Ron PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif at the present time and the temps your shooting for I think I'd be tempted to wrap them in foil and then a couple towels and place in a dry cooler for the night this will keep them warm and also allow the juices to redistrubte. Just a thought and thanks for sharing the Qview now I need a midnight snack biggrin.gif
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Thanks, I am hoping to eliminate the towel thing. That is why Im using the MES for to keep the temps at 190' till the am. Shouldn't need the towel thing, hopefully. Plus I will take the juices from the water pan to not only flavor but to also braise the meat and break it down in the process.
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Sounds good Ron don't forget to get us more Qview I need to drool some more biggrin.gif
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Here it stalled in the 150's.

I raised the temp to 230' but with the door leaks not sure if it will help.
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The dreaded plateau don't ya just love it icon_evil.gif patience is a viture they say biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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That's why I split the damned thing I didn't want to sleep on the patio tonight.icon_smile.gificon_evil.gif
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Night Ron hope it starts moving for you soon I'm sure it'll taste great when its done and I'll look forward to the Qview of the finished product
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No I haven't but I have 2 digital Taylors in the smoker to monitor the temps. I learned that the first couple of days here on the board. Thank god or I'd be opening the door every 30 minutes. I am now at 158' and 165, so I am safe. If I have to I'll just pull them and stick em in a pan and foil at 195 with the juice and pull in the am. As soon as the smoke stops I may just do that and eat my Chefs salad with smoked chicken and go to bed. icon_smile.gif
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Get a remote thermometer and you can set the alarm and set it on the night stand and get up when it hits the right temp at least ya get a little sleep that way
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Once I go to bed I wan't to sleep, icon_smile.gif That's why I got the MES. I can just smoke, and let it rest in the holding oven.

Here is the flat at 170'.

Now I am waiting for the point it is at 153 after I relocated the therm. I will soon put both to rest at 200' and go to bed.
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Ok, guys here are the finishing Qviews for the night. Taken off T 170'

In the pans for final braizing with the drippin's.

I got the MES set at 220' and will check and pull in the am. I will post the results then.

Thanks for folowing this, Pineywoods.

Off to eat my salad and go to bed, perfect timing, Just the way I had hoped.
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brisket looks real good, great job!!!
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Thanks, I appreciate it.
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Looks awesome! You might have just inspired me to do another brisket this weekend... it's been a while since I jumped on one of those.
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A Complete Success

Here are the finished pics. You can see the fork easily penetrate the meat, yumo! If you enlarge the pics you can see how juicy the meat is PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

This was a test for not only me but also my MES. I wanted to see how it would double as a holding oven. You see I was thiking ahead for the possible restaurant. A 6 hour smoke would be great and the brisket is awsome.

As a wrap up after separating the brisket and started reading here that it was better to do the whole packer. I thought oh $%$%!!!! too late now. I didn't think the sear would work either. You know what? No regrets here. I saved probably 5 - 6 hours of smoke time, wood, and don't have to trim a hot brisket. Besides that I used the fat and started the finishing sauce last night.

Thanks all for the good info on this site. It made this very easy. Thanks again.
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Looks great now I'm hungry AGAIN PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great Ron.
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Awesome post on your brisket trimming, and cooking process. Thread was updated regularly with progress and qvue. The end results looked really good and tasty!! POINTS!!!

Great job on your first brisket smoke! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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