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memery wknd

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after 2 months of living vicariouslythrough all of you ive finally made it home for the wknd.725 mi.and 11 hrs after leaving south dak.i was back in gods country and looking at old smokey.so after staining our deck and privacy patio,doing 2 months worth of lawn and garden work.and repainting all the trimwork of our house shop and garage doors it was time to fire her up.did my first pulled pork (a 9lb shoulder) and an 11lb picnic ham. the ham was awsome like allways but the pulled pork was to die for,wow is all we could say wow wow wow . i used jeffs rub and soflaquers finishing sausce. smoked it at 250 for 10 hrs foiled it at 165 and wrapped and coolerd it for acouple hrs at 195 and it fell apart.like i said it was to die for.we had about a doz friends over and thier wasnt a scap of iether left over.it really was that good. heres acouple pics i took at the beggining but i did not get all the pics i should have. just enough to prove it happend,LOL. ANYWAY ONCE AGAIN THANKS TO EVERYONE ON THE SITE. it truely is a good place to support .any way 725 mi later im back at work till sometime in july .later BILL
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Glad you made it home save and sound. After all that work you deserved a good smoke and it looks great nice job. Thanks for sharing
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Good lookin smoke bill! Sorry you had to do all that work first, but if ya ate that meal first, ya'd never have gotten started!!
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Excellent work bill! Nothin like home cookin ta put a smile on yer belly! Good friends always make a meal better too. Mighty fine lookin vittles.
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Worth every mile of wasn't it Bill? :{)
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Glad to hear this Bill. Thanks for sharing. Safe travels!
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