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London broil

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After cleaning up the smoker I wanted to smoke something??
I took a LB out of the freezer, thawed, put on some of Jeff's rub using turbinado sugar let sit for a while.
Smoked it for about 1 hour then tossed over the coals for about 8 min..
Done too perfection.

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That looks great. I love a good London Broil.
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Great job, I like doing London Broil too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good looking piece of meat. The next time you do a london broil, give it a smoke ring! You can do the exact reverse of what you did with this london broil:

sear both sides for about 8 min each and then smoke until internal temp reaches 140, foil, and slice

That'll give you a nice smoke ring which has that smokey-goodness in there icon_smile.gif
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Awesome looking LB seaham! Think I'll give your method a try on my next one, but with sumo's recommendation! My last didn't get the char on it I'd like to have had.
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sumo.........he DID smoke he did good......nice lookig steak dude.......POINTS
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well crap...........gave out to many atta boy points...........i will give it ashot tomorrow...........someone please remind me..........PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I suppose the hour in the smoker does classify ... biggrin.gif regardless, it's awesome looking and I'm still salivating.
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I was not looking for a heavy smoke on this piece of meat.. I sometimes like the taste of a good piece of meat without the smoke.. sometimes less is better.
And believe it or not there was a nice faint smoke flavor with just 1 hour smoke time.
I also had some left over Dutches Smoked beans, they are real good even 3 days old...
And with the Turbinado sugar in Jeffs rub it got a nice little bark on the one side.. Too bad most stuck to the grill icon_evil.gif

Thanks for the kind words everyone.
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seaham............a LB isn't nutting more than a flank steak...........a TUFF piece of meat...........this came out tender for you?

just wondering...........i normally make jerky outta this cut.
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Without any BS this was one good piece of meat, tender as they come... The wife loved it also, thats how I know its good. It was nowhere near as tender as Fillet Mignion (sp) or Prime rib, it was just one good piece of meat from the start.. As you can see it had tons of juice coming out of it still and that helps keep it tender. The plate was full of juice..
IMO the key is not to over cook this cut. I always have good luck with LB, I always shoot for Medium rare to rare and if its not done enough you toss it back on for a min or 2. You can' t walk away when its on the grill, it takes only a min or 2 and its too done.
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Nice work!!! I am gonna have to try that.

There is now saliva on the keyboard!
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Now I don't know about this for sure but I have been told they call two different cuts a London Broil and one is a very good cut of meat and the other is a flank not sure bout that tho. I marinate mine overnight then inject some creole garlic butter. I think Seaham is correct tho don't overcook this cut of meat it needs to be a little on the rare side to be tender

Oh and Seaham that looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Well, the old way was to use a flank steak, marinate it and slice accross the grain on the medium rare side. The new way the stores invented is to use other cuts (rounds, I think) dry, that have been invented by them.

A good flank done right is delicious.

By the way, great job, i gave points to ya' PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job, I would eat that any day!!
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