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Just joined

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Hello everyone,

This is not my first forum nor my first time smoking although I am not a newbie I am for sure no pitmaster either. I have worked in professional kitchens but prefer to make a better financial living through technology.

I am in the market to get set up with a smoker. I just bought a very nice grill as I think of those two things very differently. They each have their own cons and pros and I like to embrace both.

I was hoping to find some great information about equipment from first hand users and see where that may lead me. My interests in cmoking are almost endless. I have smoked many different cuts of beef and pork as well as chicken, fich, suasage, etc...

I look forward to learning and sharing. If I can be of asssitance to anyone, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Welcome to the forum.
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Howdy BB and Welcome to the SMF. Ask away and someone here will chime in with the info you need.
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Welcome to the party!!
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BB welcome,
You can learn everything you need to now right here!!PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Glad you decided to join.
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like others have already said, ask questions and answers and opinions will come. equipment wise is a pretty broad question, there are many variables out there, how much work and time you wish to involve youself with-something you tend regular or a set it kinda forget it smoker. i think is the first answer you have to ask. remember if it becomes a chore than it is no longer fun and you wont be smoking long. above all keep it something you enjoy. then u can think gas,elec,wood,charcoal....then types, mes,gosm,ecb,uds,etc.... lots of this really depends on you. welcom to the forum!!! lookin forward to some qview!!!
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Welcome the SMF... We love pics so post some of your next smoke...
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Welcome to our smokin' family! Ya may not get a lot of grillin' advice here, but take the time to read thru the forums and you'll be cranking out some awesome smoked Q in no time! You may find that your gas grill doesn't get much use!!!
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Welcome to the site....................Lots of great info here....................
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Welcome, and read, read, what's here you'll soon know what you need to know.

And if ya like it, become a Premium Member for 15 bucks, cheaper than most cook books

Good Luck smokin'!!
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