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Hello from the great NorthWet

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Newbie here, just wanted to say hi. I've been lurking here for a little while and decided to pull the trigger and sign up. This looks like a great forum with tons of good info. I'm looking forward to learning from everyone. I'm been grilling forever but am new to the true BBQ scene. The weather has finally shaped up enough up here to try out the new smoker my wife got me for christmas. I've done 2 batches of ribs so far and am SLOWLY working on getting this somewhat figured out. Thanks tto the info I've gathered snooping around here my first attempts have turned out pretty decent. I'm hoping things improve over time. That's it for now, just wanted to introduce myself. Happy Queing everyone.

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Another "Lurker". You all sound so sneaky. Welcome to the forum. There are lots of friendly folks around here with tons of knowledge and ideas. Just browse through the threads and check out anything that catches your eye. Be sure to throw your two cents in anytime you can.
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Hi Dave - glad you joined us at SMF. Lots of great information to get you started! I'd suggest signing up for the free 5-day eCourse to give you a jump start on this smoking stuff. Will help a ton and will be a great foundation!

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Welcome to the forum Dave. You'll find lots of great info in the posts and also the topics on the left hand side of the page. Have fun and Happy Smoking
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I'm still trying to find my way around in here. Looks like there's tons of great info available. Any other Washingtonians around? Thanks again.

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There are a few of us here, and some oregonians too.
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Dave, I am a Washingtonian and I have seen a couple of others around here as well. This is a great place full of terrific advice and friendly people. I've been around for a just a couple of months on the site and am hooked. I read all the time and post when I can. Good luck with your smokes and make sure you learn how to post your q-view.

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Welcome to SMF. As other have said lots of useful info, and more than helpful members. Drysider here!biggrin.gif
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You know, isn't lurking around like a peeping tom??LOL
Welcome aboard the forum. It's a great place.
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Hello from Iowa

I'm new here and I'm new to usng a smoker. I bought a King Kooker 2106 abought a month ago. Trying to learn what I can.
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Hi Dave

Welcome Dave,
Happy smokin' it is a warm place to learn lots of useful info...from a ton of great peeps...
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Thanks for the heads up on the 5 day e-course sumosmoke. Good info there. I can see this whole BBQ thing turning into an addiction in a hurry biggrin.gif . Thanks again for the welcome everyone

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Hey welcome to the addiction it's all good in here biggrin.gif .
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Welcome aboard Dave! Don't know if this has happened to many other members, but I have not used my grill a single time since getting my smoker. I though I could grill pretty much anything and thought I was pretty good at it. Then I starting hitting this forum. A lot! The info you will find in here will have you churning out the best BBQ of your life!
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Welcome to SMF , glad you joined us !
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Welcome to the smf.................Glad you found us here......................
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