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I pull a 33ft 5th wheel, and stay at only sites with electric. My truck has an 8ft bed, so I have room for weber grill and Brinkmann electric gourmet, charcoal, firewood, tricycle, dump cart, and step ladder.
The grill and gourmet are laying on their sides, secured by rope, next to the cab, the rest to the back.
Camping, I'm usually not at the trailer all day (hiking, fishing, or whatever). Electric, you can leave for hours at a time. It's the only way for me.
Next weekend, I'm staying at Table Rock Lake ... will probably throw on a butt early that morning, and go to Silver Dollar City for 3 hours. Come back around noon, add some chunks, take a nap, and go back to the city. Come back that afternoon, fire up the weber for some wings or whatever. Then that night, enjoy some some smoky goodness after a full day of Branson. Not having to stay and tend to a smoker.
When I get back home, it's back to the CharBroil Silver ... but camping, the electric is the only way.

FYI ... anyone in the Branson area, the BBQ and Bluegrass festival is going on at Silver Dollar City. In the big barn, they are selling a lot of BBQ gadgets ... I was impressed.
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Thanks for all the advice fellas! After all things considered I went with the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse. Bought it at Cabelas on my way up to see my mom. Seems like the perfect fit for my needs and I like the fact I can use it during the winter months....those get really long here in Iowa!
Thanks again and I look forward to trying my new smoker out!:PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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porkpuller, you have a pm
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Very cool. Have fun camping with your new smoker.
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For the last 6 years I have been going to about 3-4 camp gatherings a year for two fishing sites I am a member.

These gathering have become more of an eating gathering then fishing. Food and cooking outdoors is the big thing. One guy brings a 6x6 stainless wood fired smoker while there are usually two gas and one or two charcoal or electric. Most everyone comes for the food and fun and some fishing.

There are so many smokers, fryers, DO's etc. going that if you need a lesson there are plenty to teach.

My $.02 is the electric needs the least attention but the wood has the best flavor. Maybe the chile we eat(made overnight the night before) while cooking is some of the best camp cooking I have had.
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We go "car" camping every memorial day weekend at a friends farm in North West New York. Since they have a barn up there we bought a weber bullet. I was happy with the temperature control I got out of it and was able to successfully make beef jerky (not happy with the recipe yet) and 2 8# pork butts which I made into pulled pork. It came out quite nicely, and not just just by my say so but by the many others who got to sample some of the smoky goodness.

I would recommend both the weber grill (don't foget a grill thermometer) and pre planning any smoking you will be doing.

Good luck. Hope it helps.
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