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Smoking while camping?

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Just wondering if any of you bring smokers along while camping and if so, what do you use??? My wife and I think camping could combine the best of both our worlds!! Any suggestions on what kind of smoker to get?? I would mostly be doing pulled pork, fatties, chicken, ribs, well.....pretty much everything I guess!!!PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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An ECB sure wouldn't be too tough to bring along. They used to make that short single grate model which was perfect for camping and tailgating. I had one and let it get away. I don't think they make it any longer.
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I'd recommend a GOSM type unit. All one piece. You could feed it off the camper propane if ya get a gas model as well. I am a wood/charcoal guy, but those gassers work pretty durn good, and less to haul.
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I've always thought it would be great to smoke while camping but just can't imagine staying in one place long enough to do it. I mean we are either in the boat, fishing, swimming, hiking or who knows what. I smoke the food I want to take with me ahead of time and vacuum seal it. Then, depending on what it is I either boil it in the bag or heat it up on the grill. Two weeks ago the wife and I were at Merritt Reservoir near Valentine Ne. and we had pulled pork, ribs, chicken legs and brisket. All were reheated and all were really really tasty. Whatever you decide to do, ENJOY!

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new to smoking. but what rich said sound like good advice. gas is always a good back up. and if it was dual operation (gas/lump that would be great for home and field.

here in the south west..you don't want to get caught with an open flame/fire in the forest right now.. smokey bear will spit roast ya.
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I'm with Richtee. If you are camping in an RV or trailer with propane bottles on board a GOSM would work nicely. Your RV or trailer should have an outside provision to hook up a gas stove or BBQ grill with a quick connect fitting. Just put a matching fitting (available at most RV centers) on the GOSM's hose and use the gas off the RV or trailer. How convenient!
Probably should check the regulator setting off the bottles, you might need to have a regulator that works with the GOSM between the quick connect and the GOSM. Doubtful, but something to check.
But, it should work fine and smoke some good grub. No charcoal hassle.
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For the most part I agree with Dave. Bring frozen smokes with you and re-heat as we don't hang around the campsite long enough to do a smoke.

Also, what type of camping do you do? RV, tent, etc? If your pulling a 5th wheel might be hard to find a space in the back of the pick up for it. I'd be a little concerned about residual drippings staining the inside of a motor home or other RV.

But if you got the room and the time I agree with the GOSM.
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My dad takes his smoker camping all of the time. It is an electric that he bought from someone who owned a bbq place. Not sure of the make. Dang generator runs all night long. He sets the temp, fills the gas tank on the generator and goes to bed. Periodically gets up to check it. If he wants to go fishing he goes.
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Some friends and I go fishing/camping at Rocky Gap State Park, MD every May for 3 or 4 days. I took my propane GOSM this year, and it will be a permanent member of the trip. Smoked a brisket overnight, 6 racks of baby backs the next day, and a bunch of chicken thighs the 3rd day. Worked out fine, though the smoker did take up more room in the back of the pickup than I planned.
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i always take my ecb gourmet.........cause i not only can smoke with it, but i can also grill with it............
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I'm with Rich a GOSM gas would be my choice don't have to carry a bunch of wood just a bag of chips and a gas bottle. It is also very easy to tend to without taking up your whole day.
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I'm torn between gas and electric for this type of thing. Gas has to be monitored a lot more than an electric. We leave before sunrise to hit the lake and don't come in until some time after lunch. I'd never leave a gas smoker alone that long. If you camp at RV parks with hook ups and don't want to be stranded in camp all day, I'd probably lean toward an electric. If you do more boondocking, go gas.
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I would always take my old ECB with us on extended trips to the Gulf. We could start dinner, head to the boat, fish for 3 to 4 hours, then come back and check on the meal. If we were willing to share the grub, we could usally talk one of the neighbors into tending it for us if the fishing was hot.
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I'm of both worlds here. I have many times just smoked food and then vac seal it and throw it in the cooler. It is definately more convenient. However there is nothing better then fresh smoked meat. If we are going to a place where we are just getting away and relaxing, then I definately will bring my smoker. However, mine is pretty big and a hassle. I'm going to be looking for a smaller model just for camping.
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We only camp at electric sites as we have a big travel trailer. First year with it...but I do have room in my truck bed if I were to lay down one of the smokers you have suggested. I am a charcoal guy (pretty hardcore at that) and do all of my smoking on my Oklahoma Joe with offset firebox.

I am wondering how well heat is maintained in electric vs. propane?? Is there a big difference?

We tend to stick around the campsite and play cornhole (bags game), drink beer, play cards, drink beer....icon_smile.gif

Any particular models of smokers you would recommend?? I have no clue when it comes to these types of smokers. I would want one for less than $300 for sure.
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I took my Smoke Hollow #6 (similar to a GOSM) camping last weekend. Smoked a pork butt, ribs and sausage. Cooked some pizzas in it too. Great time.
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I usually rough camp...no camp ground or hook ups. I like to dig a hole, burn wood to get a nice bed of hot coals, cover with a few rocks, place the seasoned wrapped meat in the hole (also a pot of beans or veggies) wrapped corn on the cob etc...

Then place a small piece of metal over the hole and bury it all.
Kind of the same way I do whole hogs underground, but on a smaller scale.

When I bury the food, I make sure no heat or smoke escapes....
then dig it up in a few hours.

It's so moist and tasty...biggrin.gif
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I usually take mine to elk camp each year. I get things going in the early afternoon and skip my afternoon/evening hunt. It is a huge hit to be able to sit down to a warm rack of ribs after being out all afternoon.
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I was also thinking of taking a smoker camping. We always have electric sites and my dad has ECB with electric I think I will try that. We are never gone to long, boating or fishing ect. I think its a good idea!!
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Camping is one of the reasons I kept my ECB. I use it to smoke, and grill whil camping.
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