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New from Denver

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Hey everyone,
On Saturday I graduated from charcoal to a Char Griller Super Pro with the side fire box. biggrin.gif

On Monday, I tried my hand at smoking for the first time. I did some spare ribs and baby backs, using the 2-2-1 method, but using briquettes and wood chips. Had a hell of a time keeping the temp up (probably around 200 on average... depending on which thermometer you trusted). When all was said and done, they definitely weren't fall off the bone, but they had a good flavor.

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Welcome to SMF. You will really like that CGSP with some practice. Take a look around at some of the great mods listed on the site. You may also want to look at the charcoal reviews/opinions. The qview looks good.
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Welcome to the forum! It only gets better. Been smoking for a year now, several racks of ribs under my belt, and each time I have said "These are the best yet!" Keep at it, you're probably already hooked!!!
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Yeah, I think I'll be doing the duct and the charcoal basket right away. I'll take a look at the reviews, thanks!

I was worried about the ribs since the temp was pretty far below what it was supposed to be, and it was tough to tell visually with all of the color that the smoke gave it.
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Welcome to the forum. There are lots of friendly folks around here with tons of knowledge and ideas. Just browse through the threads and check out anything that catches your eye. Be sure to throw your two cents in anytime you can. That's some good looking Q-view on your 1st post! Keep on smokin and posting, but don't forget the Q-view.
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Nice looking ribs, Noire. Keep after it. Things get better each time out.
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Noire, Nice work. The SMF will keep you on the right side of the road going forward, too. We look forward to your next q-view and input.
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Definitly check out the mods this grill is an amazing bargain and after about $70 it can be much better. Theres an entire thread on midifing it.
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